Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #7 - sweatshirts/layers

this is an area that NEEDS help. the ones I have, I keep because they are what I have and I need them. remember the whole being cold all the time thing? yeah. layers. I need layers. I don’t like almost everything of this type that I own.

first picture:017

  1. napoleon wildcats zip-up (NHS football game): dave got me this sweatshirt because I loved it. I did. but it hasn’t really kept it’s shape. the zipper went bumpy and diagonal, the bottom is stretched out, so it’s kinda wide and square. I keep it because of what it is, but I hardly wear it because it doesn’t look good.
  2. MOMS club zip-up hoodie (MOMS club order): getting the hoodies was actually my idea. in theory I like this, but it has faded and isn’t exactly wonderful from a fashion perspective. I should keep it for the same reason I keep the MOMS club t-shirt.
  3. beige 3/4 sleeve zip-up hoodie (weekenders – via my MIL): I like this, BUT, I don’t like the sleeves. for me, a layer is to keep me warm. if my arms are not warm, I am not warm. this might be functional for me if I lived in a warmer climate. I don’t know. if it is warm enough for me to be in 3/4 or short sleeves, it is pretty much warm enough for me not to need the extra layer. THUS, I don’t wind up wearing this very often.

second picture:029

  1. white 3/4 sleeve cardigan thingy (aeropostal – via ???): not sure where I got this. I wear it with nice sleeveless dresses and such. mostly it’s a summer thing. it’s not warm enough to be an actual cardigan for spring. grrr. why can’t it be warmer around here? anyway, I like it, but it’s limited in use. if what is underneath it is a v-neck or something at all interesting, it looks weird. 
  2. black velour zip-up hoodie (express): I like this, and it’s the most decent looking of all my sweatshirts, but there’s something about the way it fits that is slightly uncomfortable. I think it feels a bit bulky.

so this is clearly an area that I need some help in. outer layers are a BIG necessity with me (either that or a heat lamp), so I will have to do something here.

there’s a purple cardigan at target right now that I have my eye on. I want it to go with my nice dress that I plan on wearing for easter. just waiting for it to go on sale. and yet, it’s 3/4 sleeve. ‘tis my lot in life, I guess. I think I’m part reptile.

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