Sunday, April 17, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #4 - skirts

I have a thing for skirts. I LOVE skirts. not short ones; long, flowy, pretty skirts. I also like denim skirts. I like dressy skirts, casual skirts, fancy skirts, plain skirts. I love skirts. totally silly, but part of me (not so) secretly wishes I was conservative enough to decide to ONLY wear skirts! but, sadly, I can’t make that sort of religious declaration because, although I’ve tried, I just can’t buy into the principles people use to justify the reasoning for it. AND, in the winter, I like a good pair of jeans. and I really like my black dress pants. at any rate, I like skirts.

first picture:041

  1. mid-length denim skirt (H&M via thrift store): I like this skirt. I like that it’s flared a little, as opposed to straight. things I don’t like: the pockets are fake (UGH!) and it’s starting to look a little worn out. at some point, this needs to be replaced.
  2. white mid-length eyelet skirt (jcpenney): this is my favorite item of clothing that I own. dave picked it out for me, along with an awesome blue shirt that somehow managed to fail in construction, so I had to get rid of it. although I love this skirt, I have trouble pairing it well with a top. suggestions?

second picture:042

  1. long gray knit skirt (thrift store): I know this is kind of a lame item of clothing. it’s the skirt equivalent of a pair of sweatpants. SOO comfy, and I love it for around the house. it’s fashion appeal, however, is somewhat lacking.
  2. long black tiered skirt (ross): I love this skirt… in theory. I want one just like it, only different. THIS skirt has a very tight elastic waistband, and is made of fabric that attracts every piece of lint, dust, hair, thread, what have you, in a 4 block radius. kinda lame. I would really like to replace this skirt.

third picture:043

  1. mid-length black/purple flowered skirt (ross?): I’ve had this skirt for awhile, and I still really like it. it’s a dressier skirt (ie, not made out of cotton), but right now, I don’t seem to have anything to wear with it.
  2. long white linen skirt (old navy – via thrift store): I love this skirt. super comfy, hangs well, is long, but not too long on me. I have trouble finding long skirts that don’t drag on the floor. this is a problem when you’re only 5’1”. it’s kind of redundant, given that I have another white skirt, but oh well.

third picture:044

  1. long black ‘slippery’ skirt (???? – old!): I’ve had this skirt forever, I have no idea where I got it, and I NEVER wear it anymore. and it’s made of that stretchy slippery fabric that shows every bump and line and should only be worn by people under the age of 16 who are in VERY good shape. this is leaving my closet.
  2. longish flowy, flowery skirt (anne klein via thrift store): okay, this is my very favorite thrift store find EVER. this skirt, had it’s original tag on it. so it’s brand new. the original tag listed the price as $99. that’s NINETY NINE DOLLARS. even if I could afford to, I would never spend that much on a skirt. BUT, it had the right color sticker on it at the thrift store, so I got it for NINETY NINE CENTS. I love that! it cracks me up every time I think about it. it’s pleated at the top and light and airy at the bottom. and 100% silk! so obviously, this is not an every day skirt, but for church or a nice date w/ my hubby, it would be fabulous. problem? I have NOTHING to wear it with. must solve this problem soon.

so the skirt situation isn’t terrible, but does need a bit of help. I actually got rid of several a few months back. mostly because they were too big… skirts that fall off is not really a good thing.

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