Saturday, April 16, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #3 – sweaters

so, as you will see, I have a lot of sweaters. allow me to explain…

I am ALWAYS cold. always. I live in the PNW where summer happens for 2 months. the rest of the time, it’s cold. I can’t wear short sleeves until it’s over 75* or I need another layer. even in the winter, inside with the heat on, I need layers and long sleeves. preferably layers OF long sleeves. of course I hate bulk. I should really move south, but here I am. and so, I have a lot of sweaters.

first picture:034

  1. beige sweater w/ diagonal striping eyelets (target – via mary): I like this sweater, but it’s not very warm. the sleeves are too tight to wear a long sleeve shirt under, so it has to be warm enough for me to wear just a tank top under. but I really like the style, and different color tops underneath change the look just enough to be interesting.
  2. red pullover hoodie (thrift store – original source unknown): I like this sweater. I’m not in love with it because of the way it doesn’t stay pulled flat down on my body and has a tendency to bunch up. but I get compliments on it every time I wear it, so it must not look that bad.
  3. navy fair isle cardigan (old navy): I liked this sweater when I first got it. not so much anymore. because it’s older (probably 7+ years), the style is kinda shorter than I like, and looks a little faded. it’s also a little tight in the sleeves. (this is kind of a theme. maybe I need to tone my arms a tad.) I have kept it, because it’s a little dressier, but I think it’s served its purpose. this is also the sweater I wear the red v-neck t-shirt from the previous post with, so I guess I don’t need to keep that either.

second picture:036

  1. tan hoodie sweater dress (old navy): in theory I LOVE this sweater. I’m just not sure about reality. I’m concerned that it might be too long for me to wear, as short as I am. it might make me look short and squatty. but that’s not something I can judge myself. I usually wear it over jeans. would probably look good over leggings, if I had any. the neck hole is WAY plungey and has to have something under it. I like to wear something bright, for a splash of color, but I have trouble finding camis or tanks that are not also plungey. I want a decent neckline w/ no cleavage. is that too much to ask? I’m not even busty, but the way things are cut (or maybe it’s just because I’m short so shoulder straps are longer on me than on others) it’s hard to find something that I don’t consider too low cut. anyway, this sweater is also badly pilled. I need a sweater shaver.
  2. fuzzy purple hoodie cardigan (jcpenney): LOVE this sweater. I love the color, the yarn, the hood, the big buttons, the subtle cabling on the top, the LONG sleeves… LOVE it. I try not to wear it when I’m doing anything messy, because I don’t want to have to wash it too much and wear it out.
  3. gray/tan fair isle zip up hoodie (old navy): I’ve had this sweater for awhile, and I still love it. I have a thing for hoodies. this one is wool and very warm. it’s a bit pilled, so again, I need a sweater shaver. this is the sweater I wear the gray t-shirt with that I mentioned in the last post. so I guess I need to keep that shirt.

third picture:037

  1. off-white horizontal cabled cardigan(jcpenney): I like this sweater. the horizontal cables give it a different look than your standard cabled sweater. at the same time, I think it’s a little boring. but I get compliments on it…
  2. black sweater jacket (express): I love long sweaters like this. I would have a whole closetful if I could. I like this one, but (although it’s hard to see in this picture which shows NOTHING) this has a very thin lapel-type collar that doesn’t like to stay folded over like it should. but other than that, it’s a really nice sweater. suggestions?
  3. brown zip-up hoodie w/ blue stitching (ross): I like this sweater a lot, but it’s seen better days. it needs a good shave, and the fleece lining on the cuffs and hood looks a little… ?? worn? it also has an odd blue stitching that I’ve never been able to find anything to match exactly. this is the sweater that I keep the blue shirt for, but it’s totally not the right blue. that shirt is going, maybe the sweater too.

fourth picture:038

  1. black beaded 3/4 sleeve sweater (via mary): this is a great dressy sweater. I wore it to christmas eve service this year. one problem. it’s black. my dress pants are black. I kind of felt like I was going to a funeral. I need something a little more interesting to wear on the bottom with it. but I like it, so I’m keeping it.
  2. brown rainbow-y heart sweater(jcpenney): another zip-up hoodie. yes, I’m predictable. I love that it’s brown, I love the colors stitched in the top, I love the little pouch pockets (that are hard to see in this picture because of ill-placed sleeves). I love that it’s long and cozy. the only thing I don’t like is the hearts on the elbows. I didn’t notice these when I tried it on, and I was already in love with the sweater. so I deal with them, although I think they’re kind of stupid. this is the sweater I wear the mustard yellow shirt with. I’d prefer something hot pink or even the light blue, but I had the yellow, it matches, and so I wear it.

so there you go. not terribly humiliating this time.

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