Friday, April 15, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #2– “nicer” shirts

these are generally the shirts that I don’t wear so much on a daily basis, for one reason or another… they seem too good to wear around the house? I don’t know. dumb reason.

first picture:024

  1. red/orange babydoll(?) top (forever 21 – via thrift store): I LOVE this top. the ruffles on the top, the eyelet flowers and scallops on the bottom. LOVE it. yes, it looks a tad like a maternity shirt, but I try not to let that bother me. oh, and it’s really long, so that’s a cool something different. I don’t wear it as often as I should because it needs to be ironed.
  2. blue vertical stripe western shirt (gap – via thrift store): I like this. it has cool snaps, and nifty lines. same story as the one above as far as why I don’t wear it often.
  3. charcoal pleated blouse (the limited – via thrift store): I like this shirt, but it’s seen better days and the pleats don’t stay flat, even with ironing. maybe I’ll try line drying it and see if it helps. if not, it’s going.

second picture:025

  1. pink 3/4 sleeve blouse (my mom): I don’t like this shirt. the end.
  2. red top (target – via mary): I like this shirt in theory, but I haven’t worn it yet, so I’m not sure. I’m a bit concerned that it might be too plungey for my liking, but we’ll wait to see after I actually wear it.
  3. pink/white vertical stripe blouse (original source unknown – via thrift store): I really like this top. it’s a little old-ladyish, but I still like it. it has this cute gathering up near the shoulders, and the fabric is kinda puckery.

third picture:026

  1. blue paisley top (target – via mary): I like this shirt, but it’s not super-functional for me. it has those cool split, floppy sleeves, which don’t work so well for cooking, washing dishes, applying glue to whatever layla’s latest project is, cleaning toilets, doing laundry, or any number of other things that come up in my daily life. I also think it’s a little bit short, but I wear a cami under it anyway, so it’s not terrible. I like it, but it has limited function.
  2. white tunic w/ silver pin stripes (target – via mary): I like this top a lot. I wore it to christmas dinner at my cousin’s this year because the silver seems so festive! I also wore it on new year’s eve. I don’t like to wear it for every day because the fabric is thin and I’m afraid I’ll wear it out/tear it or something. but it’s nice for special-er occasions.
  3. white short sleeve top (fred meyer): LOVE this top. I got it because I needed a white shirt for a BIG family picture 3 years ago. I wanted something ‘pretty’. I wore it again for our family picture that we had taken a couple months ago. yeah, redundant, I know. but it’s very pretty. love the lacy trim on the neck. it’s gathered in the back. can’t wear it for every day because of the same reason as the other white one.

fourth picture:027

  1. green crinkly blouse(walmart): I hate this top. I liked it when I first got it, but it doesn’t function the way it did then. not sure why. love the color, but not the shirt. anyway, it’s already in the toss pile.
  2. gray pleated blouse (express): I really like this top. pleats in the front and gathered in the back. it’s a pain in the butt to iron, but totally worth it. it’s my favorite dressy or going out top. the only thing I don’t like about it is the color. I wish it were more… colorful! I feel kinda boring if I’m wearing it with jeans or black pants. I tried putting a bright cami under it, but it doesn’t show. a scarf would hide the cool pleats… suggestions for how to glam this up a bit?

well, that’s it for those. some of these I should really wear more than I do. the whole needing to be ironed excuse is not really legit. I actually like ironing. it’s a chore I don’t mind. you can chat or watch tv while doing it, it’s relatively easy, and not at all gross. and I love the way hot fabric smells! seriously. I have this secret fantasy of tossing out all of our cotton knit clothing and going with all stuff that could be hung dry and ironed. I won’t actually do that because I’m not completely insane, but it is just to prove the point that I really don’t mind ironing.

the end.

lemme know what you think!


  1. The first one is cute. I would totally wear it with dark jeans and ballet flats, all the time. #2 is cute but I have my own personal issues with button up shirts. I feel very frumpy in them but I like how they look on other people. I really like #3 too. Cute color, cute pleats. #4-see #2. #5-way plungy. I always wore a tank underneath. #6- ditto to the other button up comments. #7-I wore it all the time when I was at Concordia but not so much when I had kids. #8 and #9- I have a weakness for cute white tops so I love them both. I wore mine all the time. I NEVER ironed it because I don't like ironing but did the whole toss in the dryer and hang and didn't have too many issues with it. I always wore it to work. #10- agreed. Good call. #11-super cute. I would do the same thing as #1. Dark rinse jeans and bright shoes, jewelry and purse. I really like it.

  2. First picture red baby doll top=adorable.
    Second picture, nothing jumps out at me
    Third picture #2 top=adorable!!! I have trouble wearing tops like that, but I love them, and p.s. peasant is totally back for the spring/summer!
    Fourth picture, express top=amazing! The fit is what you pay for, and I absolutely love it!



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