Sunday, April 24, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #11 - shoes!!

okay, I know you’re super excited about this one! okay, well I am, at least. yes, I have too many shoes. most of them I don’t wear very often, if at all. time to weed through.

first picture – dress shoes:055

  1. red patent t-strap heels (payless): got these shoes to wear with the black dress. they look fabulous and were a ton of fun to wear… for about 5 minutes. they are terribly uncomfortable. I’m keeping them because there might be some function that I could wear them to that I could suffer through for the cuteness factor. oh how I wish I could afford to buy comfortable red patent t-strap heels to replace them!
  2. white strappy heels (payless): I actually got married in these shoes. I have kept them to wear with nice dresses in the summer time. haven’t worn them in awhile. if I don’t find myself wearing them this summer, I’m going to get rid of them. so there, they have a deadline.
  3. black strappy heels (payless): I’ve had these forever. black dress shoes seem to be something you should have, although I haven’t worn them much lately. maybe I’ll give them a year, and if I don’t wear them, they’re gone.
  4. silver-ish mary jane peep-toe pumps (ross): LOVE these shoes. love everything about them.

second picture – sandals:057

  1. brown strappy sandals (???): I’ve had these forever. they don’t look as bad on as they do sitting there. they are a little worn, but not as bad as all that. still, they may be past their hay day.
  2. green suede birkenstocks (nordstrom): I will never get rid of these. I bought these my junior year of high school. I rarely wear them anymore, but I still love them. not having them would be like ripping out my inner hippy and that would be too painful. they’re on their second set of soles. I will always love these.
  3. blue birkenstocks (birkenstock outlet): these, however, I am not in love with, and will be happy to get rid of.

third picture – flip flops:058

  1. black rubber flip flops(kohls): these are pretty basic, will probably be toast after this summer.
  2. blue flip flops(kohls): these are a little nicer, I like them a lot, but are probably heading into their last year.
  3. black/silver flip flops (kohls): again, this is probably their last year.
  4. brown flip flops (kohls): these had their last year about 2 years ago… gone.

fourth picture - other shoes:059

  1. black saltwater sandals (nordstrom): these should have been in the sandal picture, but I forgot about them. I think these are really fun and people comment on the all the time when I wear them.
  2. black dressy-ish shoes (ross): these are okay, but now that I have my new black flats, and as soon as I get my black boots fixed, they are redundant and I will be getting rid of them.
  3. black sketchers (ross?): these were good shoes and served their purpose, but I don’t like them anymore. too clunky. I had been searching for a pair of shoes to replace them, and finally got them, so they are on their way out.

fifth picture – my every day shoes = these are the shoes you can typically find me wearing (if it’s not summer or the dead of winter):060

  1. navy converse (fred meyer): love these. I had a pair of these in college that I wore to death.
  2. nike trailrunners (nike outlet): these are my current athletic shoes. last year, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was going to have to replace my ‘honeymoon shoes’. on our way out of town after our wedding, dave and I stopped at the nike outlet, and we each got a pair of shoes. mine were similar to these, and I loved them. but I had finally worn them completely smooth on the bottom and they would actually slip on the pedals sometimes when I was driving. not a good idea. these are ALMOST as good as those, but not quite.
  3. black born mary jane flats (ebay): just got these. I like them, but there’s a little breaking in issue involving the knuckles of my big toe. hard to explain, but as they’re leather, if it doesn’t resolve itself soon, I’ll take them to a shoe repair shop and see if they can’t stretch that area just a tad for me. they are very cute, and in all other respects, absolutely perfect.
  4. brown born flats (nordstrom): LOVE these shoes. I had been on a LONG search for new brown shoes and when I found these, heaven opened and angels sang! I get comments on these shoes all the time. they are the best, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. did I mention that I love them?

sixth picture – boots:061

  1. tall black boots (famous footwear): I love these boots. they are awesome with dresses, skirts, jeans, dress pants, everything! I need to take them in to get fixed though, because the little plastic piece on the bottom of one heel broke off and I don’t want to ruin the heel clomping around on it.
  2. chestnut short uggs (nordstrom – via dave): I got these for valentine’s day 2 years ago. I had been wanting some forever and I was SO excited. they need to be cleaned and waterproofed again, but I love them. I wear them all winter long. there is nothing as cozy as a pair of uggs. I never, EVER want to be without a pair of these.

so there are my shoes. goodness that was fun! I like shoes.

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