Thursday, April 7, 2011

strange findings

so, recently I noticed that a sippy cup had gone missing. we only have 3 anymore, so it’s easy to tell which ones are accounted for. generally, micah only uses them at the table (yeah, he’s a little old, but open cups get knocked over, and the ‘blowing bubbles in your milk’ thing got really old when he and layla were both using straw cups…), so one wandering off is unlikely.

still, there is little that strikes fear in a mother’s heart like a missing sippy cup. who knows what may have been in it… or how long it’s been gone… I’ve had several scary encounters w/ lost sippy cups in the past.

so I was on the lookout for where this cup might show up. the goal is always to find it BEFORE the kid, so he doesn’t decide to drink whatever the contents might be.

well, this morning, I found it. I wasn’t looking for it, I just found it. lurking on the floor of dave’s side of the closet. doesn’t it look cozy?001

so, with great trepidation, I picked it up and externally examined it. there was something somewhat solid knocking around in there. oh gosh! what could it be? what was in there to begin with that would solidify like that? oh… dare I open it????003

so I held my breath and decided to be brave. this is what I found:004

a bouncy ball.


a rubber bouncy ball.

no liquid, whatsoever.

no residue of liquid, whatsoever.

a quick sniff made it clear that this cup had not been used  - straight out of the dishwasher.


a bouncy ball.

welcome to my life.

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