Wednesday, April 13, 2011


layla is sick. she’ll live, but it’s been no fun. she has some sort of cough/cold/fever thing that doesn’t want to go away. she woke up saturday morning coughing and said her throat hurt. later that morning, she had a very low fever, but spent the day complaining that I wouldn’t let her go out and play. so I guess she didn’t feel too bad.

sunday, she felt fine in the morning, so we went to church. she coughed the WHOLE time during church. so dave and I went to tully’s and kept her with us during sunday school time instead of sending her to infect all the other kids.

I kept her home from school on monday because she was still coughing. she played all day at home, but did take a little nap and actually fell asleep (warning!). but she wasn’t coughing as much that night, and felt fine that evening. she even went to her first t-ball practice and had fun.

so yesterday, I sent her to school.

when she got home, she at like 4 bites of her sandwich and wasn’t hungry anymore. she also said she hadn’t finished her snack at school because she wasn’t hungry.

then she laid on the couch for a long time.

then I took her temperature. 100.6.


so I sent her to bed. that was around 3.

she woke up shortly after 8.


fever was gone when she got up and she was in a surprisingly good mood, aside from the nasty loose-sounding cough, and all the sniffling. so after we read a chapter from our latest henry huggins book, she decided she wanted to go do her homework. they get their homework in a folder, with 1 page for every week day for the entire month.

she did ALL but the last page and a half.

then she asked for a peanut butter and honey sandwich for dinner.

I finally made her go back to bed at 11 and she woke up today around 8:30.

I DID keep her home today.

but she seems to be feeling well, aside from occasional coughing. hopefully we’re past the worst of it, but I still don’t trust it.

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