Tuesday, April 19, 2011

project life–week 15

here’s what we have for this week. nothing much extra this week, except two 8x10 collage sheets in the middle.

first half of the week:013

the weekly collage sheet of extra pics, numbered, and with the pull-out journaling card stashed under the picture:014

2nd collage sheet, entirely devoted to layla’s first t-ball game which was on saturday:015

second half of the week:016

I just got this put together today, because I’ve had something else exciting going on that arrived on my doorstep last night:001

yup! my 2 new project life kits! last week, when becky higgins announced on facebook that there were only 10 of the turquoise editions left and they weren’t making anymore, I jumped on amazon and ordered both kits before it was too late. good thing, too, because when I checked back later that afternoon, the turquoise was all sold out!  I’m super excited. they’re both so pretty and I tore into them right away. my plan is to get two years’ worth of pics into each of them (because I definitely didn’t used to do a pic a day and my camera use was, at best, sporadic). I already have 2010 and 2009 done in traditional albums, but I had run out of those and decided that PL kits were going to be my best bet for back years beyond that. so I’m already working on putting 2007 (which will be followed by 2008) in the turquoise album. 2005 and 2006 will go in the amber. 2005 will be interesting, since we didn’t get our digital camera until may of that year. I have no idea what I have in the way of prints, prior to that. it’s like the dark ages…

at any rate, it didn’t take long for the kids to sniff out the big box:005011

and decide it would be a good place to do some reading…

so that’s week 15, and a glimpse at what will soon be 4 more years of my family’s history!

as usual, I’ll be linking up with the mom creative for project life tuesday! check it out!


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  1. Haha! I LOVED this. i used to adore cardboard boxes when I was a kid. it was like christmas except almost even better :)



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