Monday, April 11, 2011

project life–week 14

okey dokey, here’s week 14. I have a new little thing I’m doing that I’m really excited about, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

the start of the week: 009

monday’s and tuesday’s pictures are both collage types w/ text. I think monday’s is a little stupid and cheesy, but it was oriented vertically and it would drive me too nuts to put it in sideways, so I put it on w/ the text. oh well. we’ll just call it cheesy in a cute way… okay?

the 8x10 of extras:007

notice the top of that sheet – that’s what I’m talking about. I’ll explain after the rest of this is done.

the other side of that sheet:010

normally I think coloring pages are kind of silly, but micah is really just kind of getting into them and coloring purposefully now. this one he did in sunday school and he was very excited about his red and green apples. I think it’s cute.

the latter half of the week:011

no pic for thursday. layla, micah and I were out ALL afternoon w/ our realtor looking at houses. we saw SIX! kinda crazy, but fun. layla drew a picture of the 6 houses, in their correct colors, a long with her little sentence describing it. (note: must be read bottom to top to make any sense at all.) friday’s pic is a collage of our after-dark bike riding adventure in the library parking lot, and saturday’s picture is an organized cubby on a shelf in my dining room – one of my projects for the day.

and now, a close up of that nifty new thing I’m doing:008  yes, that’s one of the bigger, scored journaling cards. but it’s not folded. yes, it’s tucked down behind the 8x10. yes, the collage pictures are numbered.

here’s how I did it:

002I arranged the adhesive on the mounting paper so that it had 2 on either side of where the card would go, and 2 at the bottom, where I wanted the card to stop (so it wouldn’t fall all the way behind the picture.)

003then I attached the picture. (and yes, I was using my PL album as my flat surface. sorry. I was doing this on my bed because my bedroom is where all my scrapbooking supplies are kept.)

004  the card gets slid in, between the picture and the paper.

005  and sits like so, with the tab sticking out for easy removal.

I then dated the top of the card (in case the cards get removed and/or rearranged somehow), and wrote a description of each of the pictures in the collage, numbered, to correspond with the numbers on the pictures.001 (2)

I had been brainstorming how to solve this little dilemma for awhile. I wanted to include the extra pictures from the week, which I solved with the 8x10 collage pictures. but then I wanted to be able to somehow caption or journal the pictures that were in this collage.

I had thought about using the big journaling cards, but fold them and put them in the spare slot for each week. I found 2 problems with this. first, I like having the extra slot w/ the decorative cards. I like the way it looks. second, because I have 3 pictures on the left side and 4 pictures on the right side, I (for my own sanity and sense of order) NEED to have 3 journaling cards on the left and 4 on the right. if I were to put the folded journaling card in a spare slot, it would have to be on the left side, but (and this is the ONE thing I don’t like about project life) the page protectors are not open on that side and it would then be inaccessible from that week’s side of the page. all things I could not handle. SO, I came up with this. I like it.

I plan to go back and make cards for my previous week’s 8x10 collage pictures, but I’m not going to go back and reprint them with numbers on the. not a $1.50 a pop! so I’ve taken some creative memories mini abc/123 stickers I had, and just stuck the numbers on the outside to the page protectors. the numbers are a little big, but oh well. it works. next time I’ll start right! this is such a learning process and I love how flexible it is. I keep getting new and better ideas as the year goes on.

at any rate, IF, for some reason, this fabulous idea of mine winds up not working as well as I think it does, I’ll post and update. but for now, I really like it!

and that’s week 14!

as usual, I’ll be linking up over at the mom creative, for project life tuesday!PL-TuesdaySM 

so be sure to check out more great ideas over there!

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  1. I like it! It looks really good. I really like having things stick out from behind stuff. It gives it a little more interest you know? I think that is why the monthly tabbed dividers are so awesome for me.



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