Tuesday, April 5, 2011

project life–week 13

week 13? my PL is a teenager! aaaggghhhh!!!

just kidding… here is the first half of the week:006     hey look, it’s shane! you’ll have to excuse the picture quality this week. I waited too late in the evening to take the pictures and didn’t have good natural light.

then I have the 8x10 collage of the rest of the week’s pictures: 008  didn’t have a ton this week, and most of them were from friday. more on that later.

amazingly enough, there was minimal art work this week. shocking! well, a lot of stuff that layla is making right now is ‘books’, which are hard to put in here. so we have the “SAMS PUPEE SHOP” sign she made for who knows what occasion:009

and then the latter half of the week:010I had fun making some different collage photos for thursday and friday. mary helped me sort out how to do these nifty ones on picassa and include text. we have, what will probably be, the last installment of our forsythia photos. it’s pretty much bloomed now. then on friday, layla GOT HER EARS PIERCED! and there was no way I could pick which one, so I just made a collage of the progression of things. we spent saturday looking at houses and I didn’t have any pictures that day, so I included one that layla had drawn recently.

and that’s week 13!

I’ll be linking up again over at the mom creative, so make sure you hop on over there and check out some other inspiration!


see you next week!

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