Monday, April 25, 2011

week 16 in pictures

sunday: no pic. layla had a birthday party and I forgot my camera. she drew a POTD for me.

monday’s POTD:018

shane finally got the evil plague that layla and micah had. he came home just after starting school and spent some quality time bonding with his cat and his bed.

tuesday’s POTD:011

my new PL kits arrived in this huge box. layla and micah climbed right in.

wednesday’s POTD:002

something must have smelled good in the fridge. toby climbed right in and I had to drag him out (after I took a picture, of course).

thursday’s POTD:002

dave snapped his fingers and pointed at micah. he tried to do it to, but can’t snap. so he clicked his tongue and finished with this cool pose.

friday’s POTD:003

shane will probably throw a fit when he sees this, but oh well. scooping the dog poop is one of shane’s favorite chores!

saturday’s POTD:004

dave and I went out for a fancy dinner. the food was awesome, but my after dinner coffee is what impressed me the most! check out that spread of coffee ‘accessories’! the whipped cream in the back was TO DIE FOR! so yummy! of course, after I took this picture and drank my coffee, we left and headed over to toys r us to do a little last minute easter shopping. dave pulled out a hula hoop and I pulled out my camera… well, at least I tried to. that’s when I realized that I’d left it sitting on the table. so we had to go all the way back to the restaurant. at least it was there!

and then there are the ‘extra’ pictures from the week:001

my mantel decoration for holy week.


layla got sidewalk chalk as a party favor and ran right out to draw hop scotch on the driveway.


our mower broke. my dad’s mower that we were borrowing broke. so we FINALLY had to borrow a neighbor’s mower to tackle the CRAZY long grass.


while dave was mowing, shane rigged up a swing in the only two trees on our property. a long rope, a board, and some strong limbs and we have a swing!001

my two new PL kits! one of each of 2011 designs.012

shane and toby enjoying a book together.

004and layla, with trucks strapped to her feet with scotch tape. again.

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