Monday, April 18, 2011

week 15 in pictures

sunday:  I haven’t decided which of these will be sunday’ POTD:002004

1. micah, catching. he knows he’s supposed to turn his hat around backwards and squat, in order to be a catcher.

2. sophie, watching tv. layla wanted to watch ‘martha speaks’, so I turned it on for her. as soon as I did, sophie came in and arranged herself in such a way as to look like she had settled herself to watch a show. a show about dogs even!

monday’s POTD:002

although layla stayed home from school that day, she seemed well enough to go to her first t-ball practice.

tuesday’s POTD:008

thinking she was well, I sent layla to school. mistake. she came home from school, and I discovered she had a fever again. so I made her lay down. she slept for FIVE hours! this picture was taken shortly after she woke up. at 8pm. micah had given her a ‘cup of lemonade’, AKA, big lego.

wednesday: not sure which I’ll use…009010023035037

because of the previous day’s fever, and a bunch of coughing/sneezing, layla stayed home from school. she and micah spent the morning playing with playdough in their jammies.


I discovered this crazy-huge flower on one of my primroses. the one next to it is a typical-sized flower. hello!


on wednesday evening, I discovered that micah had caught the crud that layla had had all week. thursday afternoon (yes, he’s still in his jammies), he was strangely quiet. I thought he was in the livingroom, but since I couldn’t hear anything, I got suspicious and went to find him. I almost didn’t see him. he WAS in the livingroom, passed out on the couch.


yes, she’s still in her jammies too. layla stayed home again on thursday (still coughing and snotting), and they declared it to be a pajama day. no, she’s not sleeping here, just faking as she cuddles up w/ toby.


layla thought that the name was fading off of her soccer ball, so she asked me for a sharpie so she could re-write it… I don’t think there will be any mistaking whose ball this is.


micah suddenly announced, “I’m going canoeing!”.


and then he passed out again in the afternoon. this is how you know he’s not feeling well. don’t you love how he’s snuggling with his glove?


layla was FINALLY well enough to go back to school. that afternoon, she went out in the garage and invented a new vehicle…

saturday – there are a lot of pics, but I’ll just share a few:015020045

layla had her first t-ball game. she had fun. there were a lot of really cute, really funny moments, as her team seems to be made up entirely of first-timers. no one ran the wrong way around the bases, but there was one kid on the other team that tried to field the ball he had hit!059

and later that afternoon… micah still not feeling well, and so he fell asleep again. this time, on me.


hey look! shane does exist! saturday night… this is the sort of stuff they do. and this is the only way shane will fit in the little car. it kept tipping over on him, though. pretty funny stuff.

still have to figure out all my POTD’s and get it sent off to costco for printing.

AND, my 2 new project life kits should be delivered today! I got one each of the 2011 designs (one of the last available of the turquoise!) to do past years in. I’m hoping to get 2 years’ worth of pictures into each of them and I’m so excited!!!!

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