Sunday, April 10, 2011

week 14 in pictures

sunday’s POTD:007

had a lovely dinner w/ some lovely friends at a lovely restaurant… where we sat gabbing for 5 hours!

monday’s POTD:


shane took toby out to experience the rain. he was not a fan. that picture catches him mid-meow to be let back in!

extra pic:016

again with the cat and the dairy products…

extra pic:017

layla and micah turned the sit n’ spin upside down and made it a merry-go-round for polly pockets.

extra pic:001

micah was playing with shane’s cars. I’ve never seen him line them up like this before, but shane used to do it ALL THE TIME. kind of compulsively. walking by and looking in to see this was kind of nostalgic for me!

wednesday’s POTD:003

yup, north of us had reports of snow. us? we put on swimsuits and went outside!

extra pic:017

I brought in a basket of clean laundry. it was warm. layla climbed in. micah climbed in. then layla drug the cat in…

extra pic:004

the bouncy ball in the sippy cup.

extra pic:


as part of layla’s superhero obsession a couple months back, she made herself a life-size paper super suit. she insisted on keeping it all this time, and it was starting to fall apart. I finally suggested we take a picture of it ‘in case’ it got torn or lost, that way she could remember what it looked like. she agreed that it was a good idea. the next day it ‘got lost’ in the recycling. shhh!

the next 3 are all part of friday’s POTD:002after 6+months of riding without training wheels on the little (12 inch?) red bike, we FINALLY convinced layla to try out her pink bike. she was convinced it was too big and she was going to fall off, which is why she preferred to stick to the little bike. but we really wanted to get the training wheels back on it so micah can learn to ride. so she finally tried it out, with a little help from shane, and discovered that she’s grown A LOT since the last time she tried to ride it. she had no problem at all, and rode around the library parking lot like a crazy daredevil – taking speed bumps at full speed and flying off curbs. craziness!003

shane loves to hook the chariot to his bike and take micah for rides. micah thinks it’s great because shane probably rides in a more ‘interesting’ fashion than dave or I would. micah loves to go over the speed bumps and wind around in crazy circles. 020

extra pic:

033dave spent saturday cleaning out the garage. that evening, the kids took advantage of the extra open space and had fun on various wheeled things.

saturday’s POTD:034

while dave was cleaning the garage, I did some shopping to solve some organization problems. then I came home and organized all of our paperwork and office supplies, then I moved on to the junk drawer:001 (2)


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