Friday, April 1, 2011

big event! layla got her ears pierced!!!

excuse the redundancy of this post, as the pictures have been well posted elsewhere, but I wanted to have it posted here as well.

last thursday afternoon, layla came to me, all upset, with the following dramatic story:

mommy? I have something to tell you. (sniffle) you know, awhile ago, when we were at the mall having our pictures taken? (sniffle) I’m really sorry, but I lied. (big dramatic sob) when you asked me if I wanted to get my ears pierced and I said I didn’t (sniffle) but I lied because I really did, and now I wish I had! (sob, sniffle, etc.) so I know you’ll probably say no, but I want to go get my pictures taken again so that I can go get my ears pierced!

after composing myself so as not to laugh at her, I explained the following:

  1. it is, in fact, possible to go to the mall for other reasons than getting pictures taken.
  2. it’s okay to change your mind about things.
  3. changing your mind doesn’t constitute a lie.
  4. if she was sure, we could, at some point, go to the mall for the express purpose of getting her ears pierced.

this information was apparently mind-blowing to her, and she then became very excited and asked if we could get in the car and go RIGHT NOW.

I kind of chuckled, but figured that dave might want to be involved in this procedure. she learned to walk AND ride her bike without him being there (not for any reason of his own doing, she just has been less than considerate about waiting for him to be there before doing something major!), so I am kind of on the lookout now, for major milestones in her life. he said he did, in fact, want to be there, and she agreed that he should be there too (along with me, and her brothers) so that she wouldn’t be nervous. so we decided to meet at the mall the following evening at 5.

I was wondering if she would chicken out before then. she had decided last fall, that she wanted to do it. of course, it was in the middle of soccer season, and they aren’t allowed to wear any jewelry at all, and since she wouldn’t be able to remove the earrings, we told her she could do it as soon as the season ended. by then, she had chickened out. but this time, either because she didn’t have enough time to do so, or because she had just resolutely made up her mind, she went through with it!010013014015016017018020021022023024

she was sad (but no tears) after it was done, but quickly recovered and experienced a crazy-excited high of running and leaping and dancing around all over the place in excitement! I’m pretty proud of the way she handled it.

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  1. I love this story and the picture by picture retelling! =) SO SWEET!



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