Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what I wore wednesday

okay, so I’ve kind of been lurking around the ‘what I wore wednesday’ link-up over at the pleated poppy, and I LOVE looking at the cute stuff people put together. I also LOVE the reasoning behind it. it’s basically accountability for putting on decent clothes each day. you know, not the same old sweats (or in my case, jeans and a hoodie). and given my recent closet exposé, I felt like it was good timing to jump in and participate.

you’ll have to excuse my terrible photos. I have bad lighting in the only room w/ a big enough mirror to accomplish this, and I haven’t gotten adventurous enough to pull out a tri-pod. but anyway, take this as me, making an effort to look decent, something I SO MUCH want to do!

sunday afternoon:


I should have taken a picture in the dress I wore to church, but you’ll just have to trust me on that one. it rocked.

  • jeans - old navy
  • black long sweater; pink cami – express
  • black top – thrift store
  • scarf – target
  • shoes – born via ebay
  • necklace – heirloom pearls (were my mom’s)



  • jeans – gap
  • top – ross
  • shoes – chucks!



this is what I’m avoiding, but it was a cleaning day, so here I am.



  • jeans – gap
  • top – thrift store
  • necklace – 1928
  • shoes – born

okay, so here’s the deal. clearly, part of my accountability needs to be of me standing in a CLEAN room without laundry baskets, hula hoops, or my husband’s jammie pants on the floor behind me. I’ll work on that for next week.

if you feel like joining the fun, get inspired, or just lurk, check it out!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

project life–week 16

nothing too unusual this week. I’ll also do a ‘this week in pictures’ post when I get to it.

first half of the week:065

sunday, layla had a birthday party at pump it up. I forgot my camera, so she drew a picture for me.

the 8x10 of extras:068

yes, there’s another picture of layla with trucks taped to her feet. also pics of the swing shane made in the trees in the front yard.

the other side:069

a treehouse layla drew.

the latter half of the week:070

some unusual shots at the end, but who says everything has to be just of your kids playing!

and that’s week 16!

linking up once again!


confessions of a slacker mom… episode 3

hopefully this is the final episode.

last night, DADDY had a little chat with layla. he basically told her, “you have to do your chores.” I love how stuff like that is more effective coming from him…

so this morning, layla was up in plenty of time. she did sleep in her clothes again, and I think we’ll stick with that unless she asks not to at some point, and then we may TRY a night in jammies and see how the morning goes. tuesday is a band morning, so I have to take the little kids with me to drop off shane. (after a freak day in sweatpants, shorts guy is back in shorts. thought you’d like to know.) when we got back to the house, told layla to get busy. she didn’t really say much, but went in and looked at her chart. the first card was ‘get dressed’, so she kind of giggled, and moved it over. the next one was ‘make bed’. she whined and complained and told me that she didn’t want to have to do it. I reminded her that she needed to do it and it wasn’t that hard. she’s done it herself plenty of times before. we argued for a minute about how she was to do it, and she eventually went off to do it. about 10 minutes later, I went in the room with micah to get him dressed. her sheets and comforter were all straightened out already, so I handed her her pillows and a couple of stuffed animals that had fallen on the ground (her bed is the top bunk). she finished up by arranging all of her animals in some grand display, and I told her to come down. she went on with the rest of her chores, and was SO excited when she got to the breakfast card. she was ecstatic when she ordered her cinnamon toast and apple juice! she ate it with plenty of time to spare, wiped her face, brushed her teeth, and got her coat, backpack and shoes. before we left the house, I gave her her ticket and she was thrilled! I thanked her for doing such a good job and being agreeable, but I told her that tomorrow, I just wanted her to work on being a little faster at making her bed. she agreed.

we had no tears, no yelling, everything got done, and we got to school even before shane was off the band bus! and that’s something that NEVER happens!

I hope I’m done with this whole episode. but I know that if it’s not this, it’ll be something else…

I’m glad dave decided to have his little chat with layla. I was not so fond of the fact that her reaction to having breakfast moved to the end of the chore list was just to rebel against the chores completely. that’s not really what I was going for.

and some of you have asked about our chore system. here’s the link to what we use. it’s called “accountable kids”. it’s not perfect, but I love the flexibility of it; I love the visual cues (for non-readers and easily distracted people); I love that it’s not a ‘list’; which can be overwhelming to some kids; and I love that the completion of chores is tied into earning privileges like tv and video games. check it out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

week 16 in pictures

sunday: no pic. layla had a birthday party and I forgot my camera. she drew a POTD for me.

monday’s POTD:018

shane finally got the evil plague that layla and micah had. he came home just after starting school and spent some quality time bonding with his cat and his bed.

tuesday’s POTD:011

my new PL kits arrived in this huge box. layla and micah climbed right in.

wednesday’s POTD:002

something must have smelled good in the fridge. toby climbed right in and I had to drag him out (after I took a picture, of course).

thursday’s POTD:002

dave snapped his fingers and pointed at micah. he tried to do it to, but can’t snap. so he clicked his tongue and finished with this cool pose.

friday’s POTD:003

shane will probably throw a fit when he sees this, but oh well. scooping the dog poop is one of shane’s favorite chores!

saturday’s POTD:004

dave and I went out for a fancy dinner. the food was awesome, but my after dinner coffee is what impressed me the most! check out that spread of coffee ‘accessories’! the whipped cream in the back was TO DIE FOR! so yummy! of course, after I took this picture and drank my coffee, we left and headed over to toys r us to do a little last minute easter shopping. dave pulled out a hula hoop and I pulled out my camera… well, at least I tried to. that’s when I realized that I’d left it sitting on the table. so we had to go all the way back to the restaurant. at least it was there!

and then there are the ‘extra’ pictures from the week:001

my mantel decoration for holy week.


layla got sidewalk chalk as a party favor and ran right out to draw hop scotch on the driveway.


our mower broke. my dad’s mower that we were borrowing broke. so we FINALLY had to borrow a neighbor’s mower to tackle the CRAZY long grass.


while dave was mowing, shane rigged up a swing in the only two trees on our property. a long rope, a board, and some strong limbs and we have a swing!001

my two new PL kits! one of each of 2011 designs.012

shane and toby enjoying a book together.

004and layla, with trucks strapped to her feet with scotch tape. again.

confessions of a slacker mom–episode 2

ugh. this morning was significantly less great than friday.

layla was up in plenty of time today. slept in her clothes again, so at least that was done. after a little bit of groggy couch-sitting time, she told me she was hungry. I said to do her other chores and then she could have breakfast. she had a fit.

then I caught her in the kitchen rearranging her chore cards and I had to inform her that she was not allowed to do that. I put them in the order I want her to do them in and she needed to leave them alone. she had a fit.

she then sat on the couch and got out her leapster, which she proceeded to play. I started second-guessing myself and decided I needed to get bossy and MAKE her get ready.

I took her leapster and told her to get moving on her chores. she had a fit and cried and told me she wished there was no such thing as chores and said that all of her chores, except eating breakfast, were too hard. (you know, highly technical and complicated tasks like brushing her teeth, making her bed, and

I said, ‘oh well’ and continued helping micah get ready.

she sat on the couch until I told her to get her shoes on because it was time to leave for the bus.

she put her shoes and coat on and we walked out the door.

she trudged the whole way to the bus stop, but we made it on time. she did give me an extra long hug before she got on, but was smiling as she waved as the bus was pulling away.


I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here. it’s not the fact that she’s going to school w/ her hair a mess and no breakfast that I’m questioning. it’s the fact that I’m ‘letting’ her get away with not doing her chores. I’m allowing her to sit on the couch or do whatever she darn well pleases in the mornings. sure, she’s not earning the perks that go along with completing chores, and she’s going to school hungry… but I don’t know if that’s really going to motivate her, or if it’s just giving her what she wants, which is to not have to take responsibility for the things she’s supposed to take responsibility for. she has other opportunities to complete different chores in the afternoon and evening, and she’s not exactly a big eater, so food has never been a big motivator for her…

should I continue with this? or should I get mean and ‘make’ her do it, regardless of the unpleasantness that will inevitably accompany it?

maybe I need to step it up and make the consequence for not doing anything in the morning steeper…

what’s in my closet? installment #12 – ???

but the real question remains…

what do I REALLY wear?

well, I’m ashamed to admit it, but most days, especially in the winter, you can find me in a hoodie.

it’s really pathetic, because most of these aren’t even decent hoodies. maybe they were at one time, but they are certainly not now. of course, I’m not downing on a good hoodie. there’s a reason I live in these. I love them. they’re super comfy and warm… it’s like the clothing version of a nice cup of tea…


it is obvious that I really need to pare down here…


  1. EWU sweatshirt (EWU bookstore): yes, I’ve had this since I actually attended EWU. I left EWU in 1999, and I know I’d had it a year or two at that point… ahem. it has holes and stains. and it’s a size large. what was I thinking? I’m 5’1. I swim in it. sorry eagles, it’s got to go.
  2. trinity sweatshirt (trinity bookstore): detecting a theme? I think so. this isn’t in terrible shape. it’s presentable. not nice, but can be worn in public without embarrassing anyone.
  3. wall drug sweatshirt (wall drug, south dakota): yup. this sweatshirt is a souvenir from the world’s largest drug store. honestly, it’s one of my favorites, so it stays.

and then…054

  1. seattle mariners sweatshirt (gift from dave): my husband should pick out all of my clothes. I always like the stuff he gets me. I like this sweatshirt because of the way it fits. it’s one of the ‘girlie’ sweatshirts, so it’s a little more fitted, and less dumpy. a feminine hoodie! what’s not to love?
  2. lilac concordia sweatshirt (concordia st. paul bookstore): I used to love this sweatshirt. now it is dirty, stained, holey, threadbare, has bleach and paint spots on it, and is a general disgrace. it cannot be worn in public. I learned my lesson about that back in february during a certain encounter at a jewelry store. I have since relegated it to the ‘outdoor work clothes’ department.
  3. commuter student sweatshirt (trinity): I really don’t like this sweatshirt. I keep it because it’s from school and blah blah blah… yeah, it’s going.

this was kind of hard to come clean about. in the wintertime, a pair of jeans and a comfy hoodie is perfect for me. warm, washable… but boring. talk about stuck in a rut. I am forcing myself out of this rut. forcing. maybe I’ll only allow myself to wear hoodies on saturdays or something…

so there you go. that’s it. that’s ‘what’s in my closet’. yeah, I have some jammie pants and some t-shirts I sleep in. I have a couple pairs of workout pants, and an old pair of jeans I wear out in the yard… but that’s not worth photographing. we all have that sort of thing, and we need to have that sort of thing. I’m just tired of LIVING in that sort of thing. while lounging is cozy and comfortable, if I’m honest with myself, I feel better, I act better, I’m a better wife, mother, person, if I take the time and bother to get dressed in something that looks nice. I’m more apt to leave the house and take care of what I need to take care of. I’m more apt to meet friends socially. a mom in nice clothes demands more respect than a mom in sweats and a hoodie. it’s true.

thank you for indulging me though this little trip into the depths of my closet. I’m sure it hasn’t been as much fun or as therapeutic for you as it has been for me, but it’s been fun, and has really helped me come to terms with all the crap I’ve been hanging onto for no good reason. so thanks! I look forward to updating with new items I pick up from time to time as well!

and no, dave, I will not be pulling all my socks and underwear out of the drawer and photographing them! you’ll have to trust me on this. I have them. I try to throw them out when they get holes. end of story.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #11 - shoes!!

okay, I know you’re super excited about this one! okay, well I am, at least. yes, I have too many shoes. most of them I don’t wear very often, if at all. time to weed through.

first picture – dress shoes:055

  1. red patent t-strap heels (payless): got these shoes to wear with the black dress. they look fabulous and were a ton of fun to wear… for about 5 minutes. they are terribly uncomfortable. I’m keeping them because there might be some function that I could wear them to that I could suffer through for the cuteness factor. oh how I wish I could afford to buy comfortable red patent t-strap heels to replace them!
  2. white strappy heels (payless): I actually got married in these shoes. I have kept them to wear with nice dresses in the summer time. haven’t worn them in awhile. if I don’t find myself wearing them this summer, I’m going to get rid of them. so there, they have a deadline.
  3. black strappy heels (payless): I’ve had these forever. black dress shoes seem to be something you should have, although I haven’t worn them much lately. maybe I’ll give them a year, and if I don’t wear them, they’re gone.
  4. silver-ish mary jane peep-toe pumps (ross): LOVE these shoes. love everything about them.

second picture – sandals:057

  1. brown strappy sandals (???): I’ve had these forever. they don’t look as bad on as they do sitting there. they are a little worn, but not as bad as all that. still, they may be past their hay day.
  2. green suede birkenstocks (nordstrom): I will never get rid of these. I bought these my junior year of high school. I rarely wear them anymore, but I still love them. not having them would be like ripping out my inner hippy and that would be too painful. they’re on their second set of soles. I will always love these.
  3. blue birkenstocks (birkenstock outlet): these, however, I am not in love with, and will be happy to get rid of.

third picture – flip flops:058

  1. black rubber flip flops(kohls): these are pretty basic, will probably be toast after this summer.
  2. blue flip flops(kohls): these are a little nicer, I like them a lot, but are probably heading into their last year.
  3. black/silver flip flops (kohls): again, this is probably their last year.
  4. brown flip flops (kohls): these had their last year about 2 years ago… gone.

fourth picture - other shoes:059

  1. black saltwater sandals (nordstrom): these should have been in the sandal picture, but I forgot about them. I think these are really fun and people comment on the all the time when I wear them.
  2. black dressy-ish shoes (ross): these are okay, but now that I have my new black flats, and as soon as I get my black boots fixed, they are redundant and I will be getting rid of them.
  3. black sketchers (ross?): these were good shoes and served their purpose, but I don’t like them anymore. too clunky. I had been searching for a pair of shoes to replace them, and finally got them, so they are on their way out.

fifth picture – my every day shoes = these are the shoes you can typically find me wearing (if it’s not summer or the dead of winter):060

  1. navy converse (fred meyer): love these. I had a pair of these in college that I wore to death.
  2. nike trailrunners (nike outlet): these are my current athletic shoes. last year, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was going to have to replace my ‘honeymoon shoes’. on our way out of town after our wedding, dave and I stopped at the nike outlet, and we each got a pair of shoes. mine were similar to these, and I loved them. but I had finally worn them completely smooth on the bottom and they would actually slip on the pedals sometimes when I was driving. not a good idea. these are ALMOST as good as those, but not quite.
  3. black born mary jane flats (ebay): just got these. I like them, but there’s a little breaking in issue involving the knuckles of my big toe. hard to explain, but as they’re leather, if it doesn’t resolve itself soon, I’ll take them to a shoe repair shop and see if they can’t stretch that area just a tad for me. they are very cute, and in all other respects, absolutely perfect.
  4. brown born flats (nordstrom): LOVE these shoes. I had been on a LONG search for new brown shoes and when I found these, heaven opened and angels sang! I get comments on these shoes all the time. they are the best, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. did I mention that I love them?

sixth picture – boots:061

  1. tall black boots (famous footwear): I love these boots. they are awesome with dresses, skirts, jeans, dress pants, everything! I need to take them in to get fixed though, because the little plastic piece on the bottom of one heel broke off and I don’t want to ruin the heel clomping around on it.
  2. chestnut short uggs (nordstrom – via dave): I got these for valentine’s day 2 years ago. I had been wanting some forever and I was SO excited. they need to be cleaned and waterproofed again, but I love them. I wear them all winter long. there is nothing as cozy as a pair of uggs. I never, EVER want to be without a pair of these.

so there are my shoes. goodness that was fun! I like shoes.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #10 – jackets

I really can’t complain too much here. I’d like more jackets, just because I think they’re cool, but it would be unnecessary, and there are more important things in life. this is probably a boring post.

first picture:065

  1. green corduroy jacket (old navy): this is a jeans-style jacket. it works well for warmer weather, when I just need something light.
  2. black windbreaker (fred meyer): this jacket is okay. I’m not in love with it, but it serves a purpose. it’s mostly waterproof, so it works as a sort-of rain jacket if it’s raining when I need to meet the bus or something like that. it’s thin, so good for warmer weather. I bought it a couple years ago on a trip to the oregon coast after FREEZING on the beach.

second picture:066

  1. columbia winter coat (fred meyer): this is a good, warm, winter coat. I’ve had it for awhile, though, and it’s kind of dirty along the bottom and on the ends of the sleeves. washing it doesn’t help. I’m wondering if it could be gotten out at the cleaners? otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with it.
  2. long black satin trench coat (ross): I LOVE this coat. I love getting dressed up enough to wear this. I feel awesome when I wear this coat (probably because I look awesome)!

the only thing that would really be on my wish list in this department, is a big, long, soccer mom coat. I would love one of those down cocoons you can get for when I’m freezing my butt off in the stands at soccer or baseball games. that would rock.

Friday, April 22, 2011

another guest post

I have another post up today over at momstart. check it out!

confessions of a slacker mom… episode 1

so… you may have gathered that things aren’t going so great around here. my little rant yesterday elicited a LOT of advice. mostly good advice that I probably needed to hear.

and so I have channeled my inner nazi-mom, and laid down the law on my flighty, flakey, head-in-the-clouds, getting-quite-defiant middle child.

the problem:

mornings, bedtimes, and general routine is tough for her.

the solution:

last night, layla fiddled around a dinner time. she refused to drink her milk ( a BIG issue with her), and so she was excused from the table to go get ready for bed. this basically ends the night for her, and eliminates her right to complete any of her evening chores and thus earn a ticket (tickets are earned by completing all of a set of chores – morning, afternoon, or evening). tickets are good for stuff like tv shows, computer games, video games, going to a friend’s house, etc. I told her to chose the clothes she was going to wear to school the next day and put those on. the rest of us finished dinner and cleaned it up. then I went to check on layla, who was wandering aimlessly around her bedroom, humming, still in her clothes (this is a good 15 minutes later). I proceeded to remove her clothes, and put the other clothes that she had chosen ON her. she was not thrilled. I informed her that by not doing as she was told to do, she had lost her bedtime stuff (story, snuggling, tucking in), and sent her to the bathroom to brush her teeth and go potty. she was VERY upset and insisted that she would NOT go to sleep because of it. but she got in bed, I told her goodnight, and left. she did, contrary to her prediction, go to sleep.

this morning, she woke up on her own around 7:15. we have to leave for the bus at 8:25, so if she hadn’t been up already, I would have woke her at 7:25. after a few groggy minutes, she decided she needed to go to the bathroom, and when she came out, she said she wanted breakfast. I informed her that breakfast had been moved to when she was done with everything else she needs to do before school, except brush her teeth. layla’s morning chores are not outrageous. she needs to get dressed (which was fortunately already done), feed the dog, make her bed, have her hair done, eat, and brush her teeth. SHE WAS FURIOUS! she stomped off to her room and insisted she wasn’t going to do it. I went about my business of getting micah ready. when I was in their room getting him dressed, she revealed herself in the closet. I informed her that we would be leaving for the bus at 8:25 whether she was ready or not. she gave no indication of even hearing me, and I went about my business of helping micah make his bed and brush his teeth. when his morning chores were completed, I gave him his ticket and told him he could play. layla came out of her room and sat down at her desk and grabbed a marker (something she knows she’s not supposed to do in the morning). she looked at me and I looked back. she told me she wanted to make a big heart on a piece of paper. I informed her that it was 7:55 and we were leaving for the bus in half an hour. she verbally agonized for the next 5 minutes over whether or not she should make the heart, which she eventually did, and I ignored her. I sent a preemptive email to her teacher, explaining that it was likely that layla would be arriving at school for a few days, looking disheveled and without breakfast. I explained why (her teacher knows ALL about layla’s tendencies in this department), and begged her not to call CPS on me. I then went and did some other things I needed to do, while layla cut hearts out of paper. at 8:15, I fed the dog. at 8:20, I announced that it was time to put shoes on and get ready to leave. layla said she was hungry. I told her that eating breakfast would solve that problem and it was too bad she chose not to do it. I helped micah with his shoes and coat, she put hers on and grabbed her backpack. we walked out the door at exactly 8:25, with no tears, no yelling, no breakfast, and bed head. we made it to the bus in plenty of time, and layla was happy as a clam.

SO… was this a success? I have no idea.

tomorrow morning there is t-ball. we forgot her practice on monday night and she was VERY upset. I’m hoping that getting to the game will be motivation enough for her to get it in gear tomorrow morning. we’ll see.

as far as next week goes, I guess I’ll continue with this pattern. it is my hope that being hungry and not earning her tickets will motivate her to actually DO what she needs to do without me prodding her constantly.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

what’s in my closet? installment #9 – accessories

okay, this is something I’m not very good at. I’m trying to get better. I’ve always had a minimalist approach to dressing. if it doesn’t serve a purpose, why put it on? well, I’m slowly coming to terms with the idea that accessories may serve a purpose, even if they don’t cover a limb.

first picture – ‘formal’ bags:050

  1. tiny black bag (???): I think this bag is fun, but you really have to be traveling light. it’s covered in big black sequins.
  2. pink silk bag (farmer’s market): I LOVE this bag. get comments on it every time I carry it. it’s made out of kimono fabric, and lined with green. it’s big enough for a couple things, but not many.
  3. red clutch (target): I got this to use with the black dress featured yesterday. it’s tiny, so again, light packing. layla is obsessed with this bag. even if I never use it again, I’ll save it for her to use.

second picture – ghosts of purses past:051

  1. blue hobo bag (old navy): I really love this purse. I love the rainbow stitching, I love the big dumpy shape of it. but the snap on the inside is ripping out of the fabric. maybe I can fix it? I don’t know. it should probably be on it’s way, but I love it.
  2. black messenger-type bag (old navy): I really don’t like this bag. I don’t know why I still have it, other than it’s the only black one I’ve got. I suppose that’s not a good reason. every time I use it, I remember why I don’t use it very often.
  3. navy flowered purse (ross): this purse has served me well for many years, but I’m really just sick of it. probably time to pass it on.
  4. small brown corduroy purse (target): this is the last of the small purses! for years, I’ve had to carry a purse that was small enough to fit in a diaper bag, yet big enough to carry the stuff I want in a purse. well, with the diaper bag no longer an issue, I have graduated to bigger (and better, hopefully) purses! this bag is cute, but the zipper pull broke and I’m just done with it. time for it to go.

third picture – belts:


  1. white grommet belt (walmart): I like thick belts, but I have a lot of trouble finding ones that work for me. they have to be really flexible. something about my body shape causes me to be unable to wear most belts that are thicker than about an inch without it sticking out about 3 inches in the back, and thus pulling my pants out with it. not a good look. I found this one, and because it’s fabric, it’s more flexible and does not cause that problem.
  2. striped grommet belt (walmart): practically identical to the white one. I actually think I got this one first and liked it so much I went back and bought the white one.
  3. skinny striped D-ring belt (old navy): I have no idea why I have this belt. it’s too skinny to be functional for much of anything. gone.
  4. brown leather belt (???): I’m not really sure how this belt came to be in my possession, but I’m glad it did. it is SO soft and pliable. I wish I had one a little thicker and in several different colors.

fourth picture – scarfs:


  1. black sparkly scarf (target): I really like this scarf. it’s actually knitted in a fancy lace pattern (not by hand, of course) but you can’t see it unless you spread it out and look. I like this scarf when I need a bit of bling to add to an outfit.
  2. orangeish flower/pineapple scarf (ross): I don’t have anything this scarf goes with, and it has pineapples on it. unless someone can come up with some good reason why I should keep this, it’s on its way out.

lessons from this installment:

I should probably stop hanging onto purses that I no longer use. I have one right now that I LOVE, but I might need a more summery one.

I would like more belts which are more fashionable, but those are hard to come by (at least ones that actually suit me right). maybe I could even attempt a belt over a shirt! that would be revolutionary (and strangely reminiscent of the 80’s). hey, I’m trying new things here! tired of being stuck in a rut, which is the point of this whole exercise.

scarfs. I want more scarfs. but cute ones… not ugly ones with pineapples on them! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


so here’s my question:

how do you get a routine to BE routine?

I like having a routine. I like for things to run like clock-work. I like to have a plan for the day and know what’s coming next. supposedly kids do better with this sort of thing in place.

but here’s the deal… NO ONE else in my family appreciates this. therefore, me, implementing any sort of routine, is heinously EXHAUSTING. OMG, it’s so much work. I understand that some work is to be expected. we are dealing with human beings, after all, not robots. but GOOD GRIEF, it never gets any better! I fight and fight and fight with them to get them to do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it, and I eventually give up. because it sucks. because it never seems to improve. because I’m the only one who cares. because just when we seem to have things kind of sort of going somewhat in the direction I want them to go, and something changes. we have a new activity, or there’s a vacation, or even just the weekend, and it derails EVERYTHIING.


I’m tired of feeling like a nag. I’m tired of yelling. I’m tired of being stressed out and LATE all the time. I’m tired of chores not getting done. I’m tired of trying to make stuff work.

it’s the chaos theory, live, in action, living in my house. everything reverts to chaos when left to it’s own devices. I’m tired of chaos, but I’m even tired-er of trying to tame it.

what’s in my closet? installment #8 - dress up clothes!

okay, I really love this category. I LOVE to get dressed up. I love dress up clothes. I wish we lived in a world where people still got dressed up on a regular basis. sadly, it is the year 2011, and I live in the PNW, where casual friday has evolved into casual EVERYDAY, and we’re still recovering from the grunge era (as evidenced by my obsession with all things hooded). I wish men wore suits and hats and had starched handkerchiefs in their pockets.

at any rate, I don’t have nearly as many dress-up clothes as I would like, but sadly, more than I probably need…

first picture:045

  1. dark purple wrap-style dress (express): I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this dress. it has this fabulous satin sash that is pleated all across the front and ties in the back. it has 3/4 sleeves that are slightly flared. I generally wear this with a lace-trimmed black cami under. I think I shrunk it slightly at some point, so it’s a little shorter than I’m comfortable wearing as a proper dress. I’ve worn it over nice bootcut jeans w/ black boots, but I think it would also look fab over some cropped leggings or debbie gibson style tights w/ flats.
  2. navy/purple flowered wrap dress (jcpenney): this is the dress that layla picked off the rack for me in february. if you missed that story, you can read it here. I wore it to amy’s wedding, and plan to wear it on easter. I love it.

second picture:046

  1. longish blue dress (via mary): mary passed this dress to me. ironically, it’s the dress she wore to my wedding! I like it, but haven’t had occasion to wear it yet, as it’s been winter. I wish I had a cardigan of some sort to wear with it.
  2. longish red diagonal stiped dress (via mary): this is actually the same as the blue dress, but I think I like it more! again, not a long season for wearing nice sleeveless dresses… maybe a lot of people will get married this summer. one can hope!
  3. little black strappy dress w/ white sash (ross): I love this dress. I got it for dave’s company party, a couple years ago, after an adventure in dress-shopping. I especially love the sash on this dress. one problem, though, one of the stones in that little clasp thingy on the sash fell out. it has been suggested that I might be able to find a stone to match it and fill in. I should probably pursue that.

third picture:047

  1. long blue strappy dress (via mary): another hand-me-down. I love this. it’s gorgeous, but I would need to wear 4 inch platform shoes for it to not be way too long. I need to decide whether I want to look into getting it altered.
  2. pink sleeveless top (express): I think this top is really cute. but, I bought it when micah was about 4 months old and I had significantly bigger boobs. now it’s a little droopy on me. it should probably find a new home.
  3. black dress pants (express): I love these pants. they fit me perfectly. they’re not even too long (as long as I’m wearing heels) because I bought the ‘short’ ones. I paid full price out the nose for these pants, but they are SO worth it.

not too bad in this department…

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #7 - sweatshirts/layers

this is an area that NEEDS help. the ones I have, I keep because they are what I have and I need them. remember the whole being cold all the time thing? yeah. layers. I need layers. I don’t like almost everything of this type that I own.

first picture:017

  1. napoleon wildcats zip-up (NHS football game): dave got me this sweatshirt because I loved it. I did. but it hasn’t really kept it’s shape. the zipper went bumpy and diagonal, the bottom is stretched out, so it’s kinda wide and square. I keep it because of what it is, but I hardly wear it because it doesn’t look good.
  2. MOMS club zip-up hoodie (MOMS club order): getting the hoodies was actually my idea. in theory I like this, but it has faded and isn’t exactly wonderful from a fashion perspective. I should keep it for the same reason I keep the MOMS club t-shirt.
  3. beige 3/4 sleeve zip-up hoodie (weekenders – via my MIL): I like this, BUT, I don’t like the sleeves. for me, a layer is to keep me warm. if my arms are not warm, I am not warm. this might be functional for me if I lived in a warmer climate. I don’t know. if it is warm enough for me to be in 3/4 or short sleeves, it is pretty much warm enough for me not to need the extra layer. THUS, I don’t wind up wearing this very often.

second picture:029

  1. white 3/4 sleeve cardigan thingy (aeropostal – via ???): not sure where I got this. I wear it with nice sleeveless dresses and such. mostly it’s a summer thing. it’s not warm enough to be an actual cardigan for spring. grrr. why can’t it be warmer around here? anyway, I like it, but it’s limited in use. if what is underneath it is a v-neck or something at all interesting, it looks weird. 
  2. black velour zip-up hoodie (express): I like this, and it’s the most decent looking of all my sweatshirts, but there’s something about the way it fits that is slightly uncomfortable. I think it feels a bit bulky.

so this is clearly an area that I need some help in. outer layers are a BIG necessity with me (either that or a heat lamp), so I will have to do something here.

there’s a purple cardigan at target right now that I have my eye on. I want it to go with my nice dress that I plan on wearing for easter. just waiting for it to go on sale. and yet, it’s 3/4 sleeve. ‘tis my lot in life, I guess. I think I’m part reptile.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

project life–week 15

here’s what we have for this week. nothing much extra this week, except two 8x10 collage sheets in the middle.

first half of the week:013

the weekly collage sheet of extra pics, numbered, and with the pull-out journaling card stashed under the picture:014

2nd collage sheet, entirely devoted to layla’s first t-ball game which was on saturday:015

second half of the week:016

I just got this put together today, because I’ve had something else exciting going on that arrived on my doorstep last night:001

yup! my 2 new project life kits! last week, when becky higgins announced on facebook that there were only 10 of the turquoise editions left and they weren’t making anymore, I jumped on amazon and ordered both kits before it was too late. good thing, too, because when I checked back later that afternoon, the turquoise was all sold out!  I’m super excited. they’re both so pretty and I tore into them right away. my plan is to get two years’ worth of pics into each of them (because I definitely didn’t used to do a pic a day and my camera use was, at best, sporadic). I already have 2010 and 2009 done in traditional albums, but I had run out of those and decided that PL kits were going to be my best bet for back years beyond that. so I’m already working on putting 2007 (which will be followed by 2008) in the turquoise album. 2005 and 2006 will go in the amber. 2005 will be interesting, since we didn’t get our digital camera until may of that year. I have no idea what I have in the way of prints, prior to that. it’s like the dark ages…

at any rate, it didn’t take long for the kids to sniff out the big box:005011

and decide it would be a good place to do some reading…

so that’s week 15, and a glimpse at what will soon be 4 more years of my family’s history!

as usual, I’ll be linking up with the mom creative for project life tuesday! check it out!



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