Tuesday, March 22, 2011

week 11 in pictures…

so it occurred to me that the pictures I post of my project life weeks are kinda replacing my updating and reporting what is actually going on around here. my bad. so I will try to do better about posting the ACTUAL pictures and explaining what we’ve been up to. (if you don’t care, that’s fine, but I know of a certain SIL and niece who like to see, so this is for them! )

Winking smile

sunday’s POTD – we did a kid swap with some friends. layla went with her age/gender counterpart to her birthday party, and shane’s age/gender counterpart came home from church with us. they spent most of the day shooting each other with nerf guns, recovering darts, and building elaborate stands for their guns with tinkertoys.001015

Also on sunday (because micah was obsessing about certain nerf guns that he was claiming were HIS), I made good on a ‘date’ I owed him and took him out to ice cream at dairy queen. 002

something I learned about micah that day: he doesn’t think cones are edible. he refused to eat it, yet was determined to get every bit of ice cream out of it. it was quite amusing. and messy.011

this is just in here because it was cute. micah backed up and fell backwards into his open tinkertoy barrel and got stuck. he wasn’t very happy about it and all we did was laugh and take pictures. he was not amused.019

monday’s POTD – the big shelf we have in our dining room is all divided up in various cubbies and smaller sections. layla (in keeping with her current dog obsession) considers them to be cages in her imaginary pet shop. when an actual pet gets into one, it’s just a bonus.050

tuesday’s POTD – the continuation. the blossoms on the forsythia bush are opening more and more. I love that this week, layla has her umbrella in the picture.055

I thought it would be cute to photograph our ‘rainy day waiting for the bus’ situation. micah likes to bring his thomas umbrella, but as I’ve learned in the past, he cannot walk while holding it. well, he can’t walk fast. or forward. so I’ve taken to having him hop in the stroller when it’s raining, so he can use his umbrella AND we can actually get to the bus stop in less than a century.054

and I decided to photograph some other ‘signs of spring’ I found in our yard. I love crocuses, and I’m very thankful to the squirrel that stole them from my neighbor’s yard for me! 052057

this is how micah fell asleep on tuesday night. 001

wednesday’s POTD – the back of my van after an average sized costco run. with coupons, this is just shy of $200. I thought it might be fun in about 50 years to look back at the stuff we bought, what the packages looked like (think about how funny it is to see a picture of a vintage bottle of windex or a box of crackers), and what stuff costs now.003

thursday, we have no official st. patrick’s day photo, but lots that have people decked out in green. in this one, toby was chasing layla around in circles because she was dragging some yarn. it’s such a clichĂ©, and she thought it was great!001

she’s been trying out shane’s skateboard lately. she’s amazingly (scarily) good at it. she was giving her stuffed dog, scuffy, a ride.028

I took a load of clothes out of the dryer, set it down to do something, came back and found this:029

micah has a weird obsession with his underwear. he likes to take it all out of his drawer and ‘play’ with it in one way or another (more on that in a minute). this time, he was digging through it, looking for buried treasure. why he chose to do this on the dog’s bed, I have no idea. nor do I have any idea if he found what he was looking for…046

thursday’s POTD – dave had some work to finish up at home. he had his CAD program open, and one by one, the kids walked by and asked him what kind of computer game he was playing. by the time the 3rd one asked, he was a little short with the “it’s not a game! this is what I do at work all day!!!” micah was unconvinced, so he climbed up on his lap to watch. he lost interest very quickly…047

friday’s POTD – micah is following in layla’s footsteps, it seems. more often now, I’m finding him busy with paper and some kind of writing utensil.003

saturday, dave made good on the date that layla earned with him (part of our chore system). she had chosen to go to chuck e. cheese. lucky him.040041

after surviving the (up)chuck, they stopped by target to pick up some cards so we can mail out our family pictures (yeah, yeah, I’m getting to it!). when I saw this picture, I knew which target they went to because of the big red balls. layla always likes to climb on them before we go in. and be sure to notice the fabulous bracelet she’s wearing… she traded her hard-earned tickets in at the prize counter for that, a box of nerds, and a couple tattoos.054

okay, here we go again with the underwear… what he’s sitting in, in case you can’t tell, is a swimming pool. the blocks are apparently the water. who builds a pool using UNDERWEAR??? oh, and apparently he ran out of underwear, because the far side is completed with several matchbox cars and a small percy…  I never claimed to have normal children. LOL.057

friday’s POTD – actually, it’s a collage of these (and a few more) pictures from our dinner out. we went to this fabulously fun japanese steakhouse where they cook the food in front of you, with all the appropriate theatrics and silly jokes. 068

layla loved the soup. I love those spoons. why do more cultures not use those? it’s so logical!066

the onion volcano. there was a lot of fire involved in this dinner. very exciting!070

although, micah was not so much a fan of the fire. (or the food, but that was a given, which is why we didn’t bother ordering him anything.)072

part of the dinner preparation involves flipping pieces of shrimp into people’s mouths. I actually caught one! I impressed myself! shane caught one, so did dave, but layla gave a look that indicated she thought the chef was nuts if he thought he was going to flip food at her face.080

but she was all about using the ‘trainer chopsticks’.082

as was shane, although he’s probably old enough to use the regular ones.085

dave used a fork to eat, but still made good use of his chopsticks…091

so there you go. I hope you enjoyed our week! we did.

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