Friday, March 11, 2011

shameless plug: I love the shark steam mop!

I’m going to rave about something here, you’ll have to forgive me. I find it kind of funny that the thing I’m raving about is something that I don’t actually own. it belongs to my parents. I just use it.

allow me to explain. I do cleaning for my parents at their house approximately 3 hours a week (generally, 1 hour, 3 mornings a week when I’m there dropping shane off anyway). nothing major, just maintenance. I clean the bathroom, kitchen dust and vacuum the living room, do some laundry, etc. just to help them out (oh, and they pay me, too). my dad does a lot of gardening. they have a cat that goes in and out all day long. my mom complains (legitimately) that the floor is always dirty and wanted me to mop it EVERY time I was there. well, that’s a pain. I’m not really that fond of mopping. you know, the whole bucket and a mop (and an illustrated book about birds… sorry, it just came out) thing, and the dumping dirty water down the toilet, and lugging a big bucket around, and the floor being wet for like 4 hours after (that might be a bit of an exaggeration)… all in all, mopping is a pain.

so I told my parents they should get a shark steam mop, and I’d be happy to use it every time I was there.

so they did.

and sometimes I get to borrow it! because they’re nice to me like that.

so here is what I like about the shark steam mop:

  • no bucket!
  • floors dry almost instantly
  • lightweight
  • long cord
  • no chemicals – just water
  • super easy to use
  • nothing to throw away – pads are completely reusable
  • makes a cool whooshing noise! yeah, I’m a nerd.
  • works! see:004

disgusting, huh? I know my floors needed to be mopped, but I didn’t think it was that bad. it’s not like I live in a huge house either, and most of it is carpeted.

there are few things that could be better:

  • handle is a little flimsy, but nothing terrible
  • head is too wide to fit between the toilet and wall
  • head doesn’t swivel
  • pads can only be washed w/ liquid laundry detergent

that last complaint is only an issue because my parents are die-hard powdered detergent users. so I take the pads home with me and wash them here. or I wash them by hand (not quite as effective).

this is just the basic model. I know there are fancier steam mops that shark sells too. I’m sure I’d love those even more!

okay, thank you for listening to my little anthem of adoration about the shark steam mop!

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  1. They do make one that has the triangular head that makes it easier to clean around the toilet or into corners. It is the pocket one too so it is double sided. I am perfectly happy with the one that you have in the picture. I kind of prefer running a bleach wipe around the bottom of the toilet anyway. Having boys in the house makes it kind of necessary. :)
    Totally worth every penny. :)



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