Monday, March 21, 2011

project life–week 11


so I decided to link up at the mom creative for project life tuesday. since I post these pretty much every week, and generally on mondays, it should work out pretty well, if I can remember to do it. I just like the sharing of ideas and all that that link ups allow. especially for something like this. what fun!

so, without further ado, here’s this week’s installment…

first half has the 3rd picture of our checking the progress of the forsythia bush:   007

the second half is nothing too unusual either. wednesday’s picture is the back of my van after an ‘average sized’ costco run. saturday, I had so many pictures it was hard to figure out what to use for the POTD. I finally decided to go with a collage of our dinner out at the japanese steakhouse. it was fun, and there were a lot of antics:011

the ‘other’ pictures from this week required two 8x10 collages:008009

and we have  a little artwork to round it out…010

and that’s week 11.


  1. Nice job :) Isn't it terrible when you have too many pictures, to have to narrow it down to one!?! I like the collages you included on the 8.5x11 inserts. (you said "required"...what are you doing with them?)

  2. thanks for your comment, sara. that was a typo, that i realize i need to go fix. i meant to say that it required TWO 8x10 collages. this is my solution to the 'other pictures' from the week (to avoid the pain of narrowing it down). if you click on the tag for 'project life' you can see all my posts about it and one of them has my discussion re: how i started doing the 8x10 collages. i wind up with at least one, pretty much every week.



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