Monday, March 7, 2011

meal plan monday

lent starts this week, so we’ll be having dinner at church before the services every wednesday night! I love it because I don’t have to cook, and it’s fun to see friends over dinner as well… of course I have to negotiate bites w/ layla (who generally doesn’t like soup, which is generally what they serve), and I get to put a bowl of soup in front of micah so he can look at it, refuse to eat it, and eventually eat it myself… oh well, such is life.

  • monday: soup and grilled cheese sandwiches; fruit cocktail
  • tuesday: chicken and rice casserole (we never had it last week); peaches
  • wednesday: soup supper at church
  • thursday: tater tot casserole
  • friday: pizza; green beans
  • saturday: hamburgers; oven fries; carrot sticks
  • sunday: waffles; bacon

DOH! just realized I forgot to buy the buttermilk for the waffles. oh well, I’m sure there’s something else I’ve forgotten as well.

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