Wednesday, March 9, 2011

in case you were worried that your family was weird…

…allow me to introduce you to mine.

a week ago, I was in costco w/ the two youngest. they happened to have a display of swimsuits for sale (you know, because we all start thinking about swimming in early march). layla had finally outgrown the size 3T swimsuit she’d worn the last two summers, and I knew I’d have to get her a new one before this summer. so I looked.

speedo. $12.99. cute. relatively modest… so I let her pick one. they had one- and two-piece styles, but I steered her toward the two-piece ones since they are just easier to manage for getting on and off and going to the bathroom and such. so we got her one and she was so excited.

when we got it home, she tried it on right away and ran around the house in it. so of course, micah wanted to go get his on, too. so they turned the little pooh couch into a swimming pool and the furniture into diving boards, and spent the next half hour jumping into the pool. at least the sun was shining!016

layla’s favorite snack right now is graham crackers. when I was a kid, my mom taught me to dip my graham crackers in milk – kinda like a cookie. layla picked up somewhere that you should dip your graham crackers in WATER. I find this concept disgusting, but oh well. and she’s taught micah to do it too now. so I find these cups of water w/ soggy bits of graham cracker crumbs sitting around. GROSS!002

mario kart anyone? micah loves playing mario kart. LOVES it. he plays for a little while every day, and I’d be willing to bet that he is now better at driving most of the courses than I am. well, at least all the courses except the bowser’s castle ones. he’s scared of those ones, so when he gets to it, he makes me drive it for him. I don’t really understand this, because it’s not like he goes and hides somewhere or does something else until the race is over. he sits there and watches me drive it! but somehow, it’s too scary for him. and, yes, he’s sitting in a tinkertoy barrel. I’m not sure why. does it matter? 017

a few months back, the kids went through a phase of wanting to watch ‘the incredibles’ all the time, and layla became obsessed with superheroes. she’s constantly drawing super suits or trying to dress micah up in his superman costume from halloween. she’s got these animal masks, and has decided that they make good superhero masks, and distributes them throughout the family, so we can be a bunch of super animals. while making lunch last sunday, I was suddenly forced to become ‘supermouse’. she made me pose like *this* and took my picture. oh yeah.021

layla came home from sunday school with her usual sheet of paper with her ‘challenge’ for the week. this one involved whipped cream, so she was insistent that we do it. haha. she’s so religious! the whipped cream had something to do with Jesus’ transfiguration and reminding you that his clothes became very white… kinda like whipped cream… I guess. at any rate, we had some fun w/ the whipped cream.040050

yes, he’s on the toilet… but dave didn’t want him to be left out.053

there’s nothing odd about this, but I thought I’d throw it in anyway. the weather is starting to not be frigid, and occasionally when it stops raining, the kids can actually play outside.005

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  1. Love the picture of Supermouse. That is too funny. I think that all kids have that "weird" in them. My theory is that along with weird comes creativity so as far as I am concerned they can be as weird as they want. :)



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