Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I want YOU…


…to try Project Life!

as you know, I’ve started using PL for this year, and I LOVE it. if you didn’t know that, you can read all about my love fest with PL here. I happen to like doing the photo-a-day method, with each page featuring a week of our life, and the completed book will be a a concise chapter of our family’s life for the year 2011. I think it’s awesome. it alleviates SO much guilt I was feeling about NOT scrapbooking or doing anything to organize, document, preserve, and display all the pictures I take of my family and the stuff we do as we live out our daily lives. I’m doing it as it happens. I print pictures EVERY week. and put it in and journal about each one, so I don’t get behind. altogether, I’d say I spend MAYBE an hour per week on this project. I LOVE doing it this way.

BUT… you don’t have to.

I follow becky higgins’ (the creator of PL) blog, and today she had a post featuring some of the many different ways people are using project life, to fit their own needs.

read it. seriously. there is so much flexibility and you can use it to suit your needs/wants/dreams, whatever they may be.

and here’s the thing. you can be as creative or not creative as you want to be. you can be as artistic or not artistic as you are. you don’t have to be exceptionally well organized. you don’t have to have a lot of “stuff” or space or tools or even TIME, or all those reasons people usually give me about why they want to do something with their pictures but don’t.

and here’s the OTHER thing. are you a hardcore scrapbooker? did you used to be? do you have a lot of “stuff” and tools and the like? yup. me too. remember, I used to be a creative memories consultant. in NO WAY am I knocking traditional scrapbooking. I have spent many hours (and dollars) on traditional scrapbooking and I have loved every minute of it. I still, very much, love and recommend creative memories albums and products. but realistically, I know that all of those excuses people have always used for why they can’t/won’t scrapbook ARE LEGIT. back when I only had 1 kid, I didn’t think they were. hahaha! there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t think was legit when I only had one kid. LOL. stuff like picky eaters and drawing on the wall, and potty training nightmares… (not that my kids do ANY of that stuff… ahem.) my point is this. you can use as much or as little of that “stuff” as you want. you can crop and mount and embellish your photos and layouts as much as you want… but you don’t have to. you can spend time and plan and get all artistic if you want… but you don’t have to.

consider it. seriously. you won’t be sorry.

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