Tuesday, March 29, 2011

week 12 in pictures

sunday’s POTD: 001micah is apparently in training for when he loses use of his arms or something. we’ll just hope he doesn’t need to use that ability. ever.

monday’s POTD:005layla has been bugging me to let her choose and print some pictures. we finally did it and she was SO excited to get them put in her album.

an extra pic:006I think this was some sort of rocket. he was running around like a crazy person, making whooshing sounds. and it’s blurry because he was going so fast, NOT because I take bad pictures.

tuesday’s POTD:002layla is well versed in proper scrapbooking. the album isn’t done until you’ve done the ‘writing about the pictures’. I love it. I asked if she wanted to write or if she wanted me to. she said “you write, and I’ll tell you what I want to say.” sounds good to me. I was actually really impressed with her ability to express herself about what was going on and how she felt about each of the pictures. I had her ‘inscribe’ the inside cover of the album herself. she wrote her first and last name, the date on which it was completed: “MRACH 22 2011”, and then she added, “I LOVE MI FRES AND FAMLEE”. I cannot even begin to express how in love with that I am! adorable.

another extra:001

wednesday’s POTD:004in her all-consuming quest to be a dog, the one thing that is always eluding layla is a TAIL! so, in true layla fashion, she made one out of paper. I swear that child could solve any problem by making something out of paper. I’m not sure how, but I’m pretty sure she would even be able to solve the problem of deforestation with… paper? okay, maybe not. but almost any problem. of course, she didn’t want to be a dog alone, so she made one for micah as well.

this one’s an extra pic:005I just thought it was really cute, so I had to include it.

another extra:031layla likes to steal the camera on a regular basis. I never know what I’m going to find when I upload. I thought this was pretty cute though.

another extra that you’ve seen before, but still cute: 047I love the sucked-in cheeks!

thursday’s POTD:049this one made an appearance on facebook. we had shockingly nice weather and they wanted to have a picnic. layla made us all peanut butter sandwiches while I moved the little table outside. she insisted we needed a tablecloth (LOVE this!), so I found a baby blanket that was the right size. side note: the weather has since turned icky again, but the table and stools remain in their spot outside. I can see a big fat slug on the leg of one of the stools. blech…

a random extra:052I really don’t know what this is about. I think she just wanted me to take her picture. this is so classic layla. POSER!

another extra:007I’m really glad I remembered to take my camera with me to my parents’ house this week. micah likes to go outside and ‘work with grandpa’. it’s shane all over again. love it. love my dad. he’s so patient. and you can sorta see their big, beautiful thundercloud that’s on their patio. all pink right now and gorgeous!

friday’s POTD: 008

this picture almost didn’t happen this week. kept forgetting to bring my camera to the bus stop! major yellowness now! not sure what the crazy poser is doing here, but I guess you never really know…

another extra:009I love it when my kids can play outside! love it!\

hey look! it’s shane:010and a cat on the trampoline! yup. shane decided the usual forms of feline torture were not sufficient, so he had to share this little experience with him…013as usual, toby was surprisingly tolerant of the whole experience, but the poor cat WAS a little wigged out:022

saturday’s POTD: 026more of the being dogs thing. layla turned the plastic plates from her play kitchen into frisbees. she even made labels for them. they were taking turns being the human and throwing them for each other (no, nothing was broken in this exercise.), but apparently they reached a point where neither wanted to be the human. there was much growling and tugging going on here. sheesh.

and the final extra picture of the week, and a good one to leave you with:027this is layla, dressed like a super hero. how can you tell? well, duh! she’s wearing her underwear on the outside!

she slept like this, btw.

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