Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 week 9 in pictures

sunday:001micah, playing w/ babies. so cute. he wanted it all wrapped up in the blanket.

monday:004exciting discovery on the way home from the bus stop… the forsythia has buds!

tuesday:009video chat w/ gramma laurie.

wednesday:003shane’s first band concert.

thursday:035found layla a new swim suit at costco. she was so excited about it, she wore it all afternoon, including out to get the mail.

friday:001layla really wanted to make her own scrapbook, so I let her have an album I had on hand and helped her cut down a bunch of papers, and helped her find some pictures to use. she was really excited to work on it with me.

saturday:002demonstrating how she eats graham crackers – dipped in WATER. yuck!

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