Tuesday, February 15, 2011

project life–week 6

okay, this is my most non-traditional week yet. I had some stuff that I really wanted to go in and I was trying to figure out how to make it all work.

but first, the beginning of the week is pretty normal:025 (2)-1

my tuesday shot is of layla’s messy desk, as is. I have one from november or december of last year as well. it’s just kinda fun to see what she was busy with at the time.

on friday of last week, dave and I went to california for a wedding and a visit. we left the kids with my parents, and I left a detailed ‘itinerary’ for them. yes, it’s even color-coded! LOL. I can be excessively organized when I want to be. after we got back, I was going to recycle this, but then I thought it would be kinda funny to put it in the album. so into a page protector it went:026-1

yes, it was two sided.

my next dilemma had to do with friday. I had a LOT of pictures from that day. pictures from the plane, pictures from breakfast with grandpa dick, pictures with nana, and of course, pictures from the wedding. I knew what I wanted for a POTD. I didn’t want to do a collage for it, because there were so many, and they were all from different, and unrelated stuff. 027

so I decided to do 2 big collages for the day. one from oakland in the morning:028

and one from the wedding that evening:029

costco doesn’t print 8.5x11 pictures, so I did 2 8x10’s. then I took a page of the 12x12 cardstock included in the kit, cut it down, and mounted one of the collages on each side of it. I put this in a second page protector, behind the itinerary.

and then went on with the week:030

LOVE it. can’t wait to do more of this kind of thing!

and that’s week 6. Done! I’ll see you next week for another installment!

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