Tuesday, February 15, 2011

project life–week 1

so there will be a little backlog of these posts, but after this, I plan to do it weekly. most of the pictures in these, you will have already seen, either here or on facebook, and if you’re not remotely interested in project life and/or my progress with it, feel free to ignore this and any further posts on the topic.

this is the title page :013

I had to start week 1 on this page because the first day of the year was a saturday, and although this kinda drives me nuts, it would drive me more nuts to either leave it off altogether (especially since it’s my husband’s birthday), or to waste the whole next week’s slots waiting for saturday to roll around again, and there’s NO WAY I was starting the week on saturday for the rest of the year. yeah, I know, I have issues.

the official start of week 1 -  nothing very unusual:014

the latter half of week 1:015

first off, I LOVE the picture for wednesday. every time I bake a casserole, sophie is my pre-wash cycle. no crusty casserole dishes around here! I HAD to include that. the other thing I want to point out is the picture for friday is my first (of many to come) collage. mary turned me on to the collage maker function in picassa. LOVE IT. I can officially say that this feature alone has completely saved my sanity. and not just for this project. I recently finished a more ‘traditional’ album for 2010 and used a TON of these. otherwise the album would easily have been twice as thick! it allows you to take the possibly many pictures you have from one day or event and neatly put them all in one 4x6 print.

so that’s week 1.

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