Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 week 6 in pictures

sunday:002 my little daredevil who is never intimidated by the fact that something might be out of his reach…

monday:009 ipods galore.

tuesday:014 the current state of layla’s desk.

wednesday:025without any warning, or having ever been taught, micah suddenly announces, “mommy, a made my letters!” and he did.

thursday:007micah likes to play hi-ho cherry-o, but I think his favorite part is identifying which one of us is which kid on the box. the boy with the hat, that’s him.

friday:042dave and I flew down to california for amy and adam’s wedding. tons of fun, but such a long day. I finished the evening by falling asleep, sitting up, in a bar.

saturday:050hanging around at the hughes house with a bunch of sue’s family that was in town for the wedding. jordan taught us all how to play a new card game.

there are also some 8x10 collages of shots from our trip, and one of the extras from the week.

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