Sunday, January 9, 2011

weekend w/ friends

some friends of ours are starting a church plant about an hour and a half south of us. their first ever meeting was on the evening of the 8th, so we decided to make it a weekend and head down for a visit, to attend the service, and offer some support.

we LOVE hanging out with them, and never fail to have a good time. our kids and their kids have a ton of fun together… even shane who has no one anywhere near his age to play with, but still manages to include their house among his favorite places to go!

there was much wrestling and general horsing around, as usual. luka decided to throw some salt in the mix.008

micah spent a good share of the weekend doing this… slightly oblivious.009

they got themselves some front row seats for the seahawks game. no, this is not during the famous lynch run… they were much more excited than this… okay, maybe not, but the rest of us were. I think we watched like 5 times in a row.014

sunday morning cartoon watching. how is it that 5 year olds have camera radar? everyone was totally zoning and it was so cute… as soon as I grabbed the camera, those two turned into posers.020

lucy with her rockin’ underbite.


dave. being dave.021

cole. being cole.023

so much fun. thanks for letting us crash, guys!

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