Saturday, January 22, 2011

“tolerant” toby

you may recall that shane got a cat for his birthday. as it turns out, toby is absolutely the BEST cat we could have hoped for. he is a very nice cat. he is SO tolerant. seriously, the kids just haul him around and impose all sorts of ‘love’ on him, and he just deals with it. layla, especially is very fond of toby.006001011

micah loves him too… he especially loves to feed him. ahem. all the time. 017

shane is well bonded to his cat. he sleeps with him every night, and has taken over shane’s room as his own. sometimes, if shane’s not home, I’ll find toby asleep on his bed, laying on the shirt he slept in that night. awww…

shane also likes to ‘play’ with toby… he recently decided to dress him up… how he accomplished this, I have no idea. but like I said. amazingly tolerant.061

his most recent moment of brilliance was equipping toby with a head (or should I say, chest) lamp. it was flashing. not sure this was toby’s favorite, but the kids thought it was hilarious.006

so yes, everyone LOVES toby. best cat ever.


okay, well, not everyone.

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