Friday, January 28, 2011

dried fruit

several months ago, my aunt gave me the food dehydrator that my uncle built. I have to admit, it is a bit big and formidable, and I was intimidated by it. which is likely why I haven’t used it until now.

well, I had bunch of bananas that were getting a little ‘ripe’. since I already have a freezer full of ‘banana bread’ bananas, I decided to slice them up and see how it would work to dry them. so I did. 3 whole trays of sliced bananas and slightly less than 24 hours later, we have this:012

I’ve tried them and they’re pretty yummy. my kids think they look gross, so we’ll see how successful I’ll be at getting them eaten…

I learned something though… if they’re too ripe for me to want to eat normally, they’re probably too ripe for me to like them dried as well. oh well. they’re just a little sweet. but I did eliminate the gag factor by drying them! always a bonus.

since that was so successful, I decided to try some apples. I had some granny smiths in the fruit bowl that now look like this:015

I took this picture through the little hole in the front of the dehydrator. I kinda feel like I’m spying on them. 013

by morning, they should be done!

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