Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a dose of daily life

just the average, every day…

dave and micah have quite the little bond going on right now. it’s very cute how ‘daddy’ oriented he’s become lately. he even sneaks in every night to snuggle up and sleep with him…007012017

yup. that’s his lap top.027

layla likes dogs. a lot. in fact, she wants to BE a dog. every day, she has a new scheme for how she will BE a dog. here, she took tupperware containers out of the drawer, and set up food and water bowls for everyone on the kitchen floor. then they drank out of them.037

another day, she made a dog bed for herself… in the shelving unit.022

the latest is that she wants to be a ‘working dog’, so she made herself a cape… I guess if she must be a dog, she may as well make herself useful…005

and then there’s micah, who stuck these foam square things on his face and declared himself to be a cat. (those are the whiskers.)003

and then he climbed into the cat crate. yes, he fit.010

of course, then everyone tried it.014

all shane could fit was his head.015

micah is OBSESSED with the wii. he is able to play most of the sports resort games independently. this is speed slice, but I think his favorite is table tennis, which he calls ‘tennis table’. pretty cute.009

layla and daddy rocking out!016

a MOMS club playdate at mcdonalds. and yes, layla’s tongue is hanging out because she is a dog. panting. in a kennel…026

this is what they took as an appropriate response to the instructions, “go get your jammies on.” layla, at least, has them on UNDER the ballerina costume… micah is apparently confused by the difference between sleepwear and swimwear. then they made the little couch into a pool and took turns diving into it.030

walking home from the bus…002

and the best find EVER, layla brought home another horse book from the school library this week. she had a different one last week and was sad to have to return it. I suggested she look where she found the first one, to see if they had any more. she was SO excited that they did, and there’s at least 2 more on the shelf! 004

I guess horses are on her list of favorite things right now, in addition to dogs. actually, she and shane have both been lobbying for riding lessons… not really seeing that in the budget any time soon.

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