Saturday, January 15, 2011

CPL company party

so, it was that time again. time to get our get up on, get grandma and grandpa to babysit, head out in the… minivan, and pretend we do this every day! yes, it’s a life of glamour and excitement. parties every night… okay, not so much. how about once a year.

every january, dave’s company throws a big bash at some fun venue. this year, it was at the hard rock cafĂ© in seattle. I was pretty excited, having never been to one before. on the agenda that night: complimentary drinks, ‘heavy’ appetizers, and karaoke.

as usual, some ‘dress the part’.

this is dave’s boss. 005

this is dave’s boss singing karaoke with a former employee.006

there was much *ahem* singing, dancing, performing… we did not participate in that embarrassment, but it was definitely fun to watch. 004IMG_1821

see, aren’t we pretty?

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