Tuesday, January 4, 2011

christmas with gramma and papa

we were blessed with our annual christmas/new years’/dave’s birthday visit from gramma laurie and papa gary. they arrived on thursday and stayed through tuesday. we did our ‘christmas morning’ with them on the 31st.

of course, there were ornaments.006011

shane’s was wrapped in a to go box. I loved his reaction when he unwrapped it. “awesome! leftovers!”012015026

this one got a similar reaction. “awesome! envelopes!” actually, it was a flannel shirt.028

layla and micah got leapsters!034036

wii sports resort!047

the kids got gramma and papa a new wii remote. micah picked blue.057

my ornament was from the polar express! 061075

dave got a big stash of giants/world series stuff.064

discovered them like this later in the day… so cute.076

and much wii was played, of course… had to try out the blue remote.080082

on sunday, laurie and I joined a bunch of MOMS club friends at the 5th avenue theatre for the sing-a-long sound of music. it was so much fun to ‘participate’ and sing our hearts out! there was a costume contest before the show.133661_1672145436358_1019058072_31905698_704123_o

their last night in town, dave took his dad out for some beers at red hook and some male bonding time.007 (2)

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