Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3rd round of snow

we had been following the forecast very carefully because everyone’s favorite 4 letter word was being thrown around a lot. SNOW. originally, there were predictions of something insane like 5-8 inches by mid-week, so everyone was very excited. unfortunately, as mid-week grew closer, the prediction was more like, an inch or two in the evening, followed by warming up and raining shortly after midnight. the kids were afraid they were going to completely miss it.

but they were determined! they (especially layla) decided to employ all the ‘make it snow’ tricks in the book. she wore her jammies (and socks and underwear) inside-out to bed that night; she put a spoon under her pillow AND micah’s; and of course, flushed an ice cube down the toilet.001

well, it worked! around 7 or so, it started snowing. fin, sprinkly snow, that quickly became REAL snow. it piled up quickly, and by the time shane went to bed, there were a couple of inches on the ground. I laid in bed w/ him for awhile, with the blinds open, just watching the snow fall. so many nights, I spent with MY mom doing the same thing when I was his age. you mid-westerners might think I’m insane, but snow is VERY exciting here!

by the time I went to bed, we were sitting on about 4 inches, and no rain yet. BUT, by the time we got up in the morning, it was raining. that didn’t stop our school district from cancelling school, and shane was out the door (in the rain) before the sun was up. his favorite thing to do in the snow lately, is to ride his bike.009

this was VERY packable snow, but when I suggested he make an awesome snowman, he looked at me like I was insane, because there was no way he could even hope to lift any of it. it was SO heavy.018

after shane came in, soaked, layla bundled up and went out. she built herself a ‘christmas tree’.019020sadly, by late morning, the snow was too sloppy to play in, and that was the end of our snow day. but at least they got out a little bit!

still waiting for round 4!

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