Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 week 2 in pictures

sunday:020 in the book, actually have a collage of all the picture from our visit with kat and cole. this pic is part of the collage, but the collage itself is one of my missing pics.

monday:021 layla making a dog bed in our big shelf. it’s a pet store and she’s for sale. anybody want to buy her?

tuesday:001 snow is predicted! the kids are trying out some of those ‘old wives’ tales’ that claim to work to make it snow. pajamas inside out, spoon under your pillow, and of course, flushing an ice cube down the toilet…

wednesday:018 it worked! we have snow!

thursday:034 micah at NKCC indoor playground. I think it was a MOMS club event, but we were the only ones that showed up.

friday:037 being dogs, as usual. they have food and water dishes set out on the floor.

saturday:IMG_1821 dave’s company party at hard rock cafĂ©. fun night. good food. terrible weather! on the way out, the wind totally turned our umbrella inside-out! it was just like in mary poppins!

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