Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 week 1 in pictures

okay, so I started doing these, actually, half way through the year, but I liked it so much I want to do a weekly post (backdated) for the first half. unfortunately, some of the collage pics that I used in the book are missing from my computer, because I never exported them back into my personal picture files and we’re on our 3rd computer since then, so even if they weren’t deleted, I have no idea where to look. anyway, there will be some pictures missing…

saturday:104 dave’s birthday. started on saturday because it was the 1st, and I wasn’t going to kill a whole week of the book, so I stuck this in on the front page.

sunday:133661_1672145436358_1019058072_31905698_704123_o laurie and I and several MOMS club friends went to see the sing-a-long sound of music. so fun! hilarious. this was the costume contest.

monday:007 (2) dave and his dad went for a tour at the red hook brewery.

tuesday:013 RIP snowman.

wednesday:007 sophie + crusty casserole dish = happiness on all fronts!

thursday:008 indoor soccer for shane followed by dinner at mcD’s.

friday: missing collage pic of us opening presents w/ my parents. late christmas.

saturday:061 shane dressed up toby in micah’s giants jersey. hilarious. cat hated it.

there is also a big 8x10 collage of extras that I included, but is missing.

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