Sunday, December 5, 2010

state semi-finals

the weekend after thanksgiving was the state-semi finals of the soccer tournament. so we loaded up and headed south to vancouver. I didn’t take any pictures of the actual soccer games, because we had a guy who was doing that (and a much better job than I could do from the stands) and because I was too busy cheering and freezing on the sidelines. it was cold and very windy, but here’s the recap: they played two games on saturday and won both of them. they played the final game (to determine who would go on to the championship game) on sunday and lost. there was a bit of controversy surrounding the ref and some calls, but they played a good game and came up short.

but we had loads of fun anyway… my kids think going to a hotel is the greatest thing EVER. 005012013014015

especially if there’s a swimming pool.027030

we were short a bed in our room, so we took the cushions from the hide-a-bed and made a little one for micah.004056055

we spent one evening at a place called big al’s. it was crazy. sports bar meets bowling alley meets arcade meets restaurant meets chuck e. cheese. NUTS!! it was also during the broadcast of the apple cup (UW vs. WSU) and the huskies and cougars in our group were QUITE entertaining… as were the crazy prizes the boys kept bringing back from the arcade.037033043036044049045

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