Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purge Progress.

In the last 24 hours, I have made MAJOR strides in attacking my list that I posted yesterday. The blue stuff is GONE. The purple stuff has a home and just needs to get there.

  1. 6 sippy cups have a home and will be delivered on Sunday.
  2. 3 mugs actually turned into 4 and have been dropped off at Goodwill this morning.
  3. margarita glasses: Goodwill
  4. plastic margarita glasses and pitcher: Goodwill
  5. million baby spoons: some are going with the sippy cups, the rest went to Goodwill
  6. 6 plastic cups: Goodwill
  7. watermelon placemats: Goodwill
  8. pacifier keeper: w/ the cups and spoons
  9. citrus zester: Goodwill
  10. orange peeler: Goodwill
  11. tea ball: Goodwill
  12. Spaghetti Factory glass: Goodwill
  13. still need to connect w/ puzzle person
  14. cloth diapers: have a drop off person, just need to set up a time
  15. couch still here – need a non-rainy day
  16. train table: still need to clean up and photograph this for friend
  17. Pack N Play: got 2 bites on this this morning from craigslist. Hopefully meeting someone tomorrow morning. Just waiting for confirmation.
  18. Stroller/Travel system: Stroller may have a home w/ sippy cups, et. al… waiting for confirmation. Then will relist car seat on Craigslist solo.
  19. Crib: still no idea.
  20. crates of clothing blanks: no idea
  21. tie-dye inventory: nothing to report
  22. powdered dyes: nothing to report
  23. puppet theatre: GONE to a friend who picked it up this morning.
  24. Star Stacker: need to put in a bag to take to church
  25. scrapbooking supplies: my SIL might want a few things, need to go through
  26. homeschool/preschool supplies: sent an email to layla’s teacher to see if she’s interested in a few things – waiting to hear back.
  27. box of stuff to Goodwill: Goodwill
  28. bag in garage: Goodwill
  29. diaper bag: Goodwill
  30. spice rack: forgot to pack it in the car. oops.
  31. frame backpack: Goodwill
  32. ring sling: SIL taking – will mail soon
  33. bibs: forgot to pack – will take them with next trip to Goodwill
  34. Crib bedding: Goodwill
  35. screen door: haven’t seen the people next door in a few days.
  36. wading pool: nothing yet, but garbage day is tomorrow, so I better get on it.
  37. toy trucks: not yet.
  38. media cabinet: not yet.

I also took to Goodwill:

  1. 3 lunchboxes
  2. set of Christmas pancake molds (sorry Trudy, they always stuck.)
  3. Mariner Moose backpack
  4. CM album tote I don’t use anymore

A friend has also claimed:

  1. Chewbacca baby Halloween costume

So, needless to say, I am VERY excited. All morning long, I had this giddy feeling of anticipation about dropping the stuff off at Goodwill. It was almost like it was Christmas or something! The guy at the Goodwill drop-off place thanked me for my stuff, and I felt like throwing my arms around him and saying, “NO. Thank YOU!!!” I resisted.

So, Onward and OUTward… Hopefully I’ll have more to report tomorrow!

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