Friday, October 29, 2010

further purges…

okay, the rest of this week has been not quite as impressive as the earlier part, but there has been much in the way of nailing down times, places, prices, etc. I won’t go through my whole list again, because it’s long and most of the stuff on it was already blue, and therefore GONE. but several more things are gone and/or arranged, so I will report on those.

  1. cloth diapers, etc.: have arranged a meeting next friday afternoon!
  2. train table: GONE! picked up about 30 minutes ago!
  3. travel system: friend wanted the stroller, so I’m splitting it up. stroller going to church w/ me on sunday for sale. car seat going on craigslist alone, but most likely getting donated.
  4. tie-dye inventory: nothing major to report, but I did have the idea that I might be able to take the infant/children’s stuff to some local consignment shops. need to make some calls.
  5. star stacker: in bag, by the door, ready to go to church w/ me on sunday.
  6. homeschool/preschool supplies: packed a grocery bag and took to layla’s teacher today. still more stuff that would be better for preschool, so need to organize that and take it in.
  7. bibs: packed in the latest bag to go to goodwill.
  8. chewbacca costume: taken to it’s recipient yesterday!

there were a few other things I found homes for too…

  1. race track play rug: dropped off at a friend’s house on wednesday.
  2. farm play rug: taken to it’s recipient yesterday

I also have a big black garbage bag of this and that that I’ve picked up here and there around the house that will go to goodwill as soon as it’s full, which will be soon. I’m glad it’s black so the kids can’t see through it!


and then there’s the craigslist fail. I had 2 bites on my pack n play on tuesday morning. emailed back and forth a few times w/ the first one and arranged a meeting for wednesday morning. went there and sat for 20 minutes but she never showed up. BOO! so I went back home and called the second lady who had wanted it, and she had just finished purchasing a different one that morning. double BOO! so I re-listed it and hopefully will have more bites, but nothing yet. might have to lower the price, which ticks me off, since there were two people apparently willing to pay the $40 I was asking, and now there’s none. grrrr…

oh well. more sorting and such to do…

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