Tuesday, October 12, 2010

fall, glorious fall…

okay, I know I make a BIG stink when it stops being summer around here. it just seems to happen so fast. one day you’re in short sleeves, a pretty skirt, and flip flops… the next you’re digging out sweaters and cursing as you stuff your feet into socks and real shoes. it wouldn’t be so bad, except, around here, you know you may as well pack that cute summer stuff away until next july. there’s no point in holding out hope. it isn’t going to be warm anymore.

but, that’s not to say the weather can’t be nice here in the fall. we’ve had a lot of really nice days lately. nice = mid-60’s and sunny. very pleasant actually, assuming you’ve got a sweatshirt.

but really, I do love fall. what’s not to love about trees changing into their autumn colors, set against a gorgeous blue sky? water droplets on spiderwebs in the mornings… driving down the road through a leaf storm…

now that I’ve settled in and come to terms with the fact that it’s no longer summer, I’m okay with it. of course, this helps a lot:008

trader joe’s spiced cider. OMG! there is nothing like it. it’s a seasonal item, so every year, some time around mid-september, I remember this stuff and start to get antsy for when they’ll get it in. I found some last friday and it totally made my day!

happy fall!

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