Saturday, September 11, 2010

soccer… and then more soccer coming soon!

layla had her first soccer game on thursday. it was a success! there are 6 girls on her team, 5 of them are in her kindergarten class, and the 6th is in the all-day kindergarten. it’s fun for her, and for me, to get to know some of the kids and moms in a couple of different venues.

coach dave with the ‘diamonds’.092086100

because the other team was also in red, the girls had to wear pinnies. kinda lame for their first game. one was going to refuse to wear it, but mom stepped in with a firm ‘put it on’, and that solved that problem. then they all admired their neon green dresses.094101

the actual game-playing portion of it was rather amusing, as I expected it to be. the team is split between those who want to go after the ball and those who want to do somersaults… I’d call layla a daisy-picker, except that they play on a turf field… her first turn in the game, she spent most of the time high-fiving a teammate. she even put the ball in the wrong goal once! but hey, it’s a goal, right? gotta love U-6 soccer. she’s also convinced that she’s the fastest one on the team… uh. yeah.


poor micah, he has major little brother syndrome. thinks it’s terribly unfair that he doesn’t get to be on the field. he entertained himself by jumping over cones and playing around with another little brother on the sidelines.


and being cute.

shane’s first game is today (well, minus the tournament they played in august), so I’ll have to take some more pictures and do another soccer post… U-12 is just a tad different!

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