Saturday, September 11, 2010

more soccer… not so many more pictures.


I totally forgot to take a single picture during shane’s game today! grrr! I don’t know what I was thinking. oh well, I have like 10 more opportunities…

it was a good game. they wound up winning 1-0. the weather was fabulous – considering that we’ve had really crappy, rainy weather lately. I really hate watching soccer in the rain… but it was warm enough to only need a sweatshirt. there were vending machines right behind our field, and micah entertained himself by trying to get them to give him a bottle of water. he even came and pick pocketed me… he was completely convinced that the penny he took out of my wallet was going to buy him that water! yet another thing I should have taken a picture of…

anyway, when the game was over, was when I remembered my camera, so we have pictures of this:


and this…002

if you blow up that bottom picture, you can actually see shane’s back. he’s #8.

awesome job, mom.

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