Sunday, September 26, 2010


today, 3/5 of my family participated in their first cyclocross race! dave, shane and layla all raced.

dave’s race was at 9:15, so we hauled our butts out of bed at a crazy hour and headed over to south seattle.

here’s dave getting ready to warm up in the rain.007010011

riders have to dismount and run up hills or over obstacles – carrying their bikes with them, then remount and ride on.013009012

just crossed the finish line. the race was 30 minutes long – 4 laps. dave placed 58 out of 63. not bad for a first race AND, more importantly, not last!016

the muddier you get, the better.017

next up, was shane’s race. for whatever reason, it took FOREVER for them to start this race. it was at least 15 minutes late starting… layla and micah entertained themselves by running around in the mud.


there he goes – red shirt.020021022023

shane had no trouble with the obstacles, even lugging his *heavy* non-road bike over… the kid on left, however…024034

all done, and nice and muddy too. he came in 13 out of 35 and was pretty jazzed about that. can’t remember how long the race was. maybe 20 minutes? it was 2 laps. I missed the end of the race because, since it started so late, it overlapped with layla’s race. I love having to be in two places at once!040

here is layla, lining up at the start. she’s only had her training wheels off since wednesday!027030

she had a little bit of trouble, since she’s not used to riding on the grass and around sharp turns, but still, pretty impressive for a new rider!032035039

it was definitely a lot of fun. I’m very proud of my riders!


  1. so did you hose them off before putting them in the car or did they sit on garbage bags? ;)

  2. Hi! I'm local from Seattle and I'm a fellow mom blogger! Saw your blog on Seattle Mom Blogs!

  3. This is awesome Rachel! WTG Dapelo's =D



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