Wednesday, August 25, 2010

vacation–day 4 (thursday, august 12)

the long anticipated GIANTS game!!!!

we loaded up that morning and drove to san francisco (in 3 cars) to watch the giants beat the cubs! now, I am pretty biased about the awesomeness of safeco field, but even I have to admit at&t park is just about tops when it comes to the beauty of outdoor baseball!CA trip 072

the scenery from the park isn’t bad either! here’s gramma and papa with some of the kids (and the bay bridge).CA trip 077

we brought jordan along as well… a little treat from his godfathers (the good kind of stuff that godfathers do – not offing anyone!)

the big boys, looking SUPER enthusiastic – as only 10 and 11 year old boys can:

CA trip 073

destination: coke bottle slide!IMG_0763I waited in line with the medium-sized kids. shane and jordan were the only ones big enough to go down the ‘big’ part of the slide, micah and hannah were to little to do any of them Sad smile. so I stood in line with jacob, layla and lily, while mary waited at the bottom for them.IMG_0770lily, coming off the slide:IMG_0772after the slide, gramma took the kids (well, not the BIG ones – they were too big) into the miniature baseball field to do some batting, fielding, and base-running. it was most amusing! jake was up first, hit the ball off the tee and promptly ran the wrong way around the bases! layla followed. she hit the ball, started to go the same way, and then at some point turned around and ran the right way.IMG_0785IMG_0787

micah, bless his heart, knew which way to run! I was so proud! sadly, the whole inch lily is taller than layla, was enough to make her ineligible to bat. she did get to go in and be an outfielder, which she did very well!


hannah was a hoot at the plate! she knocked the ball off the tee and then golfed it into the outfield! mary and I couldn’t stop laughing!


after batting, micah became OBSESSED with the balls. apparently he kept trying to steal them from the poor guy who was pitching. it took some major convincing to get him to put them back in the bucket so we could exit the field!IMG_0794just some cousins, being cute!IMG_0777one of several attempts to get a shot of our whole enormous group at the game:CA trip 079

go giants!!!CA trip 080

our family (and yes, that IS a mariners hat I’m wearing! just keepin’ it real.):

CA trip 083

posing with willie mays:

CA trip 070CA trip 086

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