Wednesday, August 25, 2010

vacation–day 3 (wednesday, august 11)

on wednesday, we took a trip out to…??? can’t remember the name of the town, but it was in nevada county, because we went to the nevada county fair! dave and I had 4 of the kids in our car; lily and layla, and jacob and micah. apparently, those two found the drive exhausting!

CA trip 013

the fair was fun… and dirty, and sticky, and sometimes confusing… but mostly fun! it wasn’t too hot, since it was kind of woodsy, and it wasn’t too outrageously crowded. the big kids had a great time – lots for them to do and ride on… the little kids had less they could do, but still managed to have a good time.IMG_0716

first order of business: food! these corn dogs took a LONG time to get, but were thoroughly enjoyed!CA trip 017

matthew chilled with uncle david while everyone else ate.CA trip 021

I took this picture just for you, kate!CA trip 022

after food, shane and dave took off to ride some of the BIG rides, and the rest of us went to check out the animals.IMG_0718

then we went to find some rides.

CA trip 033CA trip 050

the elephant ride was one of the few that micah and hannah could go on, and we nearly had a major meltdown when I discovered that micah wasn’t big enough to ride the motorcycles with the girls.CA trip 029

hannah and I had some godmother/daughter bonding time in this neat little play area some local childcare centers had put together to go along with their peaceful, private baby care area. while mary was feeding matthew, hannah decorated a frog and then blew LOTS of bubbles!


and of course, shane found the tractors!CA trip 056CA trip 059

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  1. Thanks B! You certainly had a fun filled vacation! Even better when it is shared with family eh?!



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