Friday, August 27, 2010

vacation–day 10 (wednesday, august 18)

okay, well wednesday was actually a pretty eventful day, I just didn’t take any pictures. I stole a few from mary, though.

we started the day with gramma laurie’s famous french toast. apparently, having her cut it for you is one of the most important parts of enjoying this delectable breakfast entrĂ©e, so, far be it from me to refuse! everyone ate many helpings, even the kids who had already had cereal!IMG_0926around lunch time, gramma, mary and I took ALL the kids with us to do some shopping. first we stopped by the high school so laurie could show off her grandkids to her former coworkers (and listened to the marching band practice ‘louie louie’ while we waited). then we ate lunch at subway, then headed to kohl’s and costco. it was an adventure, to say the least. oh, and I managed to leave a brown crayon on my passenger seat, which melted while we were in kohl’s. now, if you ride with me, you have to sit on a tea towel to avoid looking like you had an accident… (ahem.)

after that, joe and mary took some of the kids to see jordan’s baseball game at the park. apparently, this is where shane perched to watch.IMG_0947

while they were doing that, dave and I celebrated our anniversary. yeah, I know. our anniversary is in september. no, we weren’t early. actually, we were late! we used the gift card that gary and laurie had given us for our anniversary LAST YEAR to go out to dinner. we also took advantage of the babysitting that staying with them provided! anyway, we had a nice dinner at macaroni grill… and I was an idiot and forgot the camera. oh well. a date night is ALWAYS a good thing!

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