Wednesday, August 25, 2010

vacation–day 1 (monday, august 9)

okay, well day 1 is really not that exciting. we left around 9:00pm on sunday night, after spending most of the day either packing, cleaning, doing laundry, changing the oil in the van, or driving back and forth to marysville for shane’s soccer tournament.

at any rate, we finally pulled ourselves together and left. we drove ALL night. the trip took 13.5 hours, which is pretty good when you’ve got kids with you. layla slept like a champ. if there was an award for sleeping in the car, she would get it. micah, was not so great. I think he was just uncomfortable. he’s generally a tummy sleeper, so being strapped into a carseat was probably not ideal for him. and of course, shane was sleeping, uncomfortably, next to him, and every time he woke up, he’d wake up shane as well. but we learned quickly that if we just stopped periodically and got micah out to let him walk around, look at something different, and go to the bathroom, he’d go right back to sleep.

so we arrived late monday morning, and dave and I spent the day trading off falling asleep in random places.

the kids, however, SWAM!

CA trip 001

gramma and papa had their backyard redone after we left last summer, and put in a pool! SO exciting!

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