Friday, August 6, 2010

a swimsuit RAVE!

I’ve totally been neglecting this blog… you know, I’ve got a new baby, and big sister blog isn’t getting as much attention. sorry.

at any rate, something monumental happened today that I MUST report. I bought a swimsuit. it was a pleasant experience. I’m really excited about it.

you might remember that about a month ago, I wrote a post ranting about the prospect of shopping for swimsuits.

well, today, in target, I had this sudden epiphany. instead of looking at all the flimsy, skimpy, unflattering swimwear, I decided to go look in the workout clothes. I mean, really, they’re basically the same thing. they’re both made of fabric that is meant to dry quickly and not bunch up or get heavy when wet. the only difference is that workout clothes are meant to cover and contain parts of you, while swimwear is apparently supposed to flaunt and expose it.

so, I found a cute top and a cute skirt, both of which FIT, and I’m not embarrassed to wear, and didn’t come from a specialty shop, cost a million dollars, or require altering to make wearable. Really, that should not be too much to ask.


of course, my non-camera-shy child had to get in there, but isn’t it cute? (I know, she’s cute too.)

The skirt is a good couple inches longer than ‘swim bottom skirts’, so it actually hits my legs at a place that isn’t the widest part of my body and therefore accentuate that wideness and make me looke really short and squatty. and it’s got bike shorts sewn in under it, not just a panty-type thing that will creep up and have to be pulled out of where it doesn’t belong every time I get out of the pool, take 2 steps, or move. The top is lined! and it doesn’t plunge down to my navel, causing me to worry that something might fall out (one wouldn’t think this would be possible, given my lack of endowment in that department, but my former swimsuit had me worried on more than one occasion). the straps are tight enough!

and it’s CUTE! is it not? it’s relatively modest, but a far cry from a granny suit.

I’m so excited to be able to wear this in or out of the water and not spend the whole time worrying pulling and tugging and adjusting and de-wedgie-afying!

I may never purchase swimwear again!

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  1. I have the same skorts. They were really comfortable for hanging out at the theme parks during our recent vacation. Dried quickly after the splash rides!



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