Sunday, August 29, 2010

free food anyone?

this has been something of a crazy weekend! but lots of fun. it was the weekend of 4 million bbq’s. okay, how about 3. could have been 4, but we were bad neighbors and skipped one to get a lot of much needed yardwork done.

bbq #1: dave’s company picnic was out at tolt macdonald. it’s always great to get together with all of dave’s co-workers who I see twice – maybe three times- a year, and their families. yup. I love making small talk with a bunch of people I don’t really know, but should because I’ve met them so many times, but really don’t because all I’ve ever done is met them and made small talk. hmmm. okay, I’m exaggerating. it wasn’t bad. the kids definitely had fun. there was a bouncy house!

well, some of the kids. shane was skeptical at first. see how enthusiastic he is?


but he did eventually decide to go in, and then later, he and dave played a little whiffle ball, and eventually bailed on us completely and went to start a soccer match.


and then I pulled the kids out of the bouncy house in order to try and make them eat.048051

there were a few other fun activities set out for the kids, too. like bubbles and all sorts of wands.


and jump ropes. watching micah try and jump rope was pretty darn funny. he was all spastic. he knew what he was supposed to do… he threw the jump rope over his head and started jumping up and down frantically.


this was almost as funny as him trying to figure out how to hula hoop. he was watching this girl who knew how to do it, and you could see the wheels turning as he was making a good effort to make what she was doing happen to his hoop too. he finally found a way that worked for him…


then we headed over to the playground for a few minutes. 087088

and took cheesey pictures of each other.090091094

the funniest was when micah was trying to take a picture of dave, but didn’t notice that he was holding the camera the wrong way… this is what he got:092093

we about died laughing. and then we loaded up and headed out for…

bbq #2:

a friend was hosting a backyard bbq to celebrate her husband’s birthday and her mom being in town. lots of friends, lots of kids, good food, too! what’s not to love?

oh yeah, and blackmail photos:096

I just know that having a picture of 11 year old shane driving a pink barbie jeep will come in handy someday!098103

we called it quits on that party a little early, to get home and get kids to bed in a somewhat timely manner…

and, last but not least, there was…

bbq #3:

the annual salmon bake/church picnic after church today. I didn’t bring my camera, but we didn’t really do anything that interesting. we got our food, we sat and ate it while we chit-chatted with friends. oh wait, we were at church, so I guess we were ‘fellowshipping’ (btw, I hate it when people use that word as a verb!) but it was fun and tasty, and it’s always nice when you can feed your family 3 meals in a row for free!

I’ll leave you with this, because it struck me funny. we had pancakes and sausage links for dinner tonight. layla decided the sausage was too spicy… but somehow, eating just the edge off of it was okay…

sausage on the cob, anyone?108

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