Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer is FINALLY here!!!!

011 first one in the pool this year!019 second!022 my 3, plus some friends from down the street. pool = best. thing. ever. they were out there ALL day. and even after dinner.023 shane actually went in again when he got back from soccer practice… he was ticked that i took this picture, because he was being a smart-alec and decided to shove his skinny legs through the leg holes in micah’s (from 2 years ago) crab floaty. one of these days, he’ll figure out that when he pulls stunts like that, I WILL TAKE A PICTURE, and it will likely wind up on the INTERNET! ahh, mom’s sweet revenge for cool stuff like labor, sleepless nights, attitude problems and eye rolling… HA!

anyway, all this fun in the sun/water, sent me running out to target and fred meyer tonight to secure some rash guard-type swimming shirts so my pink-shouldered babies can swim again tomorrow.

while i was there, i browsed suits for myself… but that’s a whole rant post of it’s own…

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