Monday, July 26, 2010

kid birthdays

so… BAD MOM! I realized that I totally forgot to post about my kids’ birthdays! I posted all the pictures on facebook, so it’s likely that everyone has already seen them, but I should probably put them up here… even if only for my own personal record.

layla turned 5 on the 11th, shane turned 11 on the 12th. we did relatively low-key birthdays this year. each got to pick a restaurant to go to for a birthday lunch or dinner w/ just mom and dad, then we got together w/ the other non-birthday siblings and grandma and grandpa for gifts and treats.

layla chose lunch at red robin. then we all met here at home for birthday cookies.


shane chose dinner at olive garden. then we all met at my parents’ house for ice cream sundaes. apparently cake was not ‘in’ this year.



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